Two Vinyl Liner Problems

by Jeff
(Ontario, Canada)

Recently opened my 28ft AG pool. Problem 1: I found was that the liner has pulled away from the bottom of the skimmer box. I am left with about a 2" by 4" gap below the skimmer. Can I remove the skimmer and try to stretch the liner back up using hot water or should I find a large piece of vinyl and patch around the entire skimmer box again?

Problem 2: The actual liner has separated from the bead for about 6 inches in another spot. I can see the small glue line where it used to attach to the bead. I was thinking if I could heat up the liner and stretch it back up, maybe I could use vinyl glue and clamps to see if it will hold. The bead is still attached to the receiver. Should I leave it in place and try to re-attach the liner.

The liner is about 6 years old and I don't really have the finances right now to do a full replacement. Just trying to get through one more year.

Thanks for your help, Jeff

Hi Jeff.

Patching the liner under the skimmer is possible using actual pool liner vinyl and Boxer patching glue. The patch should go on the back side of the liner so that once the pool is filled back up the water pressure will help to hold the patch in place.

The place where the bead is separating from the liner could probably be patched over well enough to hold for a season. I don't think you would have any luck trying to pull the liner up and hold it in place long enough for glue to dry.

You really need a new liner but I understand trying to get a little more use out of the one you have.

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Jun 17, 2010
Ended up replacing
by: Jeff

Well, I bit the bullet and replaced the liner. Followed your guide and it turned out very nice. Thanks for your help.

One more question though. I bought a new return. This new one has two rubber and one cork gasket. The old one only had the two rubber ones. Can you tell me the order that they get installed?

Thanks again, Jeff

Hi Jeff

The cork gasket is just to keep the large outside nut from binding on the rubber gasket. From the inside you would have fitting, rubber gasket, liner, wall, rubber gasket, cork gasket and outer nut.

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