Uninstall a 16' x 24' Rectangular Fanta-Sea Deck Pool

by Jamie
(Buffalo, NY)

The Albatross Pool

The Albatross Pool

The 16'x24' Fanta-Sea pool with a walk-way deck on three sides and a larger deck at the ladder end,came with the house we bought 18 years ago, and I'm guessing it was here at least 17 years before that.

We replaced the liner a few years back, and at one time had to replace a piece of the metal framing under the main deck; other than that it's pretty much the original thing, affectionately referred to as "The Albatross".

In theory, is it something that could be disassembled and reassembled somewhere else? We simply don't use it much anymore and it takes a fair amount of time, effort, and $$ to properly maintain it.

Hi Jamie

In theory, yes, it could be dismantlement and reinstalled. Most above ground pools can be taken apart, moved, and reinstalled.

The question with this pool is its age. It is impossible to tell from the photo the condition of the pool.

If there are rotted, or rusted, parts that need replaced, can they be found? Does anyone still sell parts for this pool?

It is very common to sell an above ground pool and have the buyer come to your home to remove it.

Before I offered it for sale I would closely evaluate it. Make sure it is reusable, either as is or with a few replacement parts.

It is also very helpful to find an installer that would be willing to do the job. They could look at the pool and give you a quote for moving and reinstalling the pool. This would be very helpful information for both you and the person you were selling the pool to.

I remove pools from back yards free of charge, in most cases. I can either resell the pool, or salvage enough useful stuff to make it worth my time. Parts and pieces are always useful.

If you just want it out of your yard you could contact local installers or post it as free on Craigslist. If you want to sell it, do a little research to find out exactly what you are selling.

Again, it is the age that makes it questionable.

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