Used Esther Williams Pool

by Mark
(Sagamore Hills, OH)

Hello Pool Expert, Used to live in AZ, have the skin cancer to prove it!

Question: I know you said if you buy a used AGP to try and make it be 5 years or less in terms of age. But what about an Esther Williams pool. I have someone who wants to sell me theirs at a very reasonable price. However, it is 10 years old. Does the 5 year or newer rule hold when you consider Esther Williams pools also?

Thanks for a great wealth of info on above ground pools and your answer.


Hi Mark

I have taken down pools that were over fifteen years old and reinstalled them without a problem. With new liners they were good to go another ten years or better. It all depends on the brand of pool and the ground conditions the pool was sitting in.

Doughboy is one of the best brand pools I know of, but there is a small area of town, near me, that can rust them out in only a couple of years. The same pool several blocks away could easily last twenty years.

rusted pool wall

The key is a close inspection and knowing what you are looking for. Since you are going to replace the liner with a new one, cut the old one out and take a close look at the sidewall and the bottom rails.

Do some digging around the outside of the pool. Examine the bottom of the uprights and the condition of the bottom rails. I would even go so far as to remove the bottom screws on one of the uprights and see how easy they come out, can they be removed without destroying the footplate? With the upright pulled back, is the footplate in good condition?

If you see parts that will need to be replaced will you be able to purchase these parts? Finding parts for older above ground pools can be a challenge at times, make sure what you will need is available.

There are many 10 year old Esther Williams pools that would be fine to move and re-install. There are others, however, that you should stay away from. Best of luck with it.

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