Used Oval Doughboy that Owners Folded Sidewall

by Leana
(Sandwich, IL)

We purchased a used 16 x 32 Doughboy with the idea of burying it in our backyard at least halfway and getting an expandable liner for extra depth. Unfortunately we realized that the people we bought it from folded the sidewall instead of just rolling the whole thing or taking the joining strap off and rolling each part.

We had one installer who hadn't seen it but had it described to him tell us it wouldn't be worth it to try.

We thought we would ask you for a second opinion before throwing in the towel on it. We live in the midwest and we also have a septic in the backyard which is making placement difficult. Any info you could give us would help. Thanks!

Hi Leana

I hate it when they do that, and I have seen it many times.

I have taken mangled walls out of holes where the pool was caved in and buried in dirt. I lay them out on concrete and hammer them flat again. A folded wall is nothing compared to these messes.

To make it easier remove the metal bars and separate the walls. I use W-D 40, vise grips and a hammer to remove them. Lay the wall out flat and walk over the creases enough to flatten them. You can then roll the wall up. Having them separated and rolled makes them ready to re-install. They don't have to be perfect, the water pressure will take care of the rest.

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Jul 23, 2010
Thank you so much!
by: Leana

Thank you so much for your response on our folded sidewall situation! I have read up somewhat on the installation of the buried Doughboy and I think we are probably going the route of having a professional Doughboy installer do it if they will do a used pool. Is there an association of installers specifically for Doughboy pools? We have issues due to our septic fields and setback we only have 1' to play with. I don't suppose you are close enough to me to install it or know anyone who is? :) Do you know if there is any health dept regulations in general when it comes to burying a pool near a septic field? Thanks again so very much your site is a lifesaver!


No, not close at all. I am also not aware of any health regulations or a source of qualified installers. Thanks for you comments.

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