Used Above Ground Swimming Pools

What To Know Before You Buy

Finding a used above ground swimming pool can save you a good deal of money over the cost of a new one from your local pool store.  Used above ground pools can offer quite a savings over pools found on the internet also.  Visit our above ground pools from around the web page to get an idea of what the prices are and then compare those to our used above ground pools lower down on this page.

There are many things to look for when buying a used above ground pool.  Rust is the most important.  Check the bottom rails and foot plates.  These are usually the first to go and in some cases very hard to find replacements for.  While many stores carry above ground pools, very few have replacement parts available.  There are so many makes and models it would be a waist of shelf space.  Besides, they would much rather sell you a new pool.

used above ground pool
Check the sidewall for rust.  The bottom 6" or so of the wall is the most important.  This area holds the most pressure and is usually the first to rust.  The second area to check is around the skimmer and return openings.  Minor rusting in these areas is normal and easy to repair.  Being higher on the wall the pressure is less and repairs are much safer than at lower levels.  You want at least enough wall left to securely attach the skimmer.

used swimming pool
When pool shopping it is best to find pools up and in operating condition.  Unless the price is great and either you or the seller know exactly what you are looking for stay away from the pools stacked in a pile.  Used above ground pools in operating condition allow you to see the filter in operation and maybe even some of the cleaning equipment.  If you decide to go ahead with the purchase have the owner go through the operation of all the accessories that go with the pool.  If rust is not a problem with the pool the second thing of importance is the filter equipment.  If the pool water is crystal clear and the bottom of the pool clean then the filter is probably adequate.  The better the filter the less work the pool will be for you.  A 3/4 hp sand filter would be the minimum size for an above ground pool.  Cartridge filters are ok if they have a high capacity filter and large pump.  DE filters are great if they are in good condition and you understand exactly how to take care of them.  They are not as easy to clean as sand or a cartridge and they need to be recoated with diatomaceous earth on a regular basis.  If the pool looks like a great buy but you need to upgrade the filter check here before you buy to get an idea what you are looking at price wise.

The pool liner is always a consideration when buying used above ground pools.  When the pool is up and full of water it seems like it would be easy to move the pool and set it up in your backyard and have it look the same.  It does not work that way.  When shopping for a pool always assume you will be buying a new liner.  Check the prices here before you buy.

When a pool is emptied the vinyl liner will always shrink.  Most of the time the shrinkage makes the liner unusable.  The older the liner is the more it will shrink.  They also become very brittle with age.  If the liner is more than two years old I would not even attempt to reinstall it.  If it is fairly new it might be worth a try but always assume you will be buying a new one.  Even if the liner is reusable it will never look as good as the first time it was installed.  The minor shrinking that will always occur will cause wrinkles and/or excessive footprints when reinstalling.

You will find a lot more information on pool care and installing used above ground pools in my faq section.



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