Using Crusher Dust Pool Base

by JJ Belanger
(Sudbury, ON, Canada)

Hello, I've been reading and your site is quite good. I can't find any question that is exactly like my situation so...

I am installing an 18' round pool. I have leveled my ground and now I was going to add crusher dust and compact that to 19' (radius +1). Do I need to add paving stones beneath the base plates in this case or does the compacted crusher dust base replace the paving stones?

Once the wall is up, I, as another user indicates, were going to use both an 18 ft Round Rhino Floor Pad (9 Oz) and the 1" pink foam 4X8 boards cut to size. You mention the possibility of wrinkles in the pad. Here are my 2 questions in regards to this....

1) Someone in another question mentions extending the foam boards beyond the base ring....should the foam boards not be cut to within the base ring (i.e. the inside of the pool)?

2) For the pad....any comments on perhaps putting the pad first and then the foam boards? This would take care of the wrinkles however, I'm not sure if it cancels the use/purpose of the pad.

Really have enjoyed reading all these questions and answers.


Hi Jean

I know we are discussing this privately as well but these are great questions I wanted to reply here as well.

It's impossible to say for sure but I would have to guess you would not need blocks under the uprights. If there is any chance that your crusher base might settle any, use the blocks.

As for the pad and the foam, they would both be for the same purpose, a cushion under the liner. Just like a sand base. I would not put a pad directly on my level ground and expect good results. They are thin and any rocks or unevenness underneath will show through.

The foam is thicker and would do better, but I would still have something under it. In your case the pad would be perfect, that would make sure there would be nothing bumping up into the foam. A thin layer of sand does the same thing. But if your base is about as perfect as perfect can be put the foam right down on it and get a refund on the pad. But no, I would not put the pad over the foam.

A lot of our indoor displays were set on top of the foam base so I know this works just fine. I would be hesitant in an outdoor situation since I am not sure what bugs, birds and the elements might do to it. I would make that perfect circle and leave it inside the bottom rails. You could then use the tape backed preformed pool cove on top of that, stuck to the wall.

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