Vacuum The Pool

by kristybalan
(St.. Catharines Ont , canada)

When I opened the pool this year, I shocked my pool. Then I went to vacuum it and while vacuuming the algae came out of the pool jet.

I've tried everything from vacuuming it on filter to backwash and even vacuuming it on waste. It worked on backwash, then when I was done I turned it back to filter and all the stuff I vacuumed up came out the pool jet. I need help.

Sincerely, kristy Balan

Hi Kristy.

There are types of algae that will blow right thru a sand filter. It is very important to run the filter non stop until the algae is gone. Use pool shock or algaecide along with running the filter. When vacuuming the pool you should be in the waste position. This position will allow you to suck up the algae from the bottom of the pool and send it right out the filter discharge hose. This will use a lot of water but that's OK. Pumping out some of the old water and replacing with new is a good thing. Vinyl pools should not be drained so vacuuming to waste is a good way to get fresh water into the pool.


by: Happier Pool Owner

I've been getting my pool ready this past week with no luck. WOW...I've had my pool for 7 years and for 7 years I've been told the wrong thing about vacuuming. I have been vacuuming my pool with the pump on filter (BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS WERE TELLING ME TO DO). After reading your questions and comments, I immediately ran outside to change it. I'm gonna bet this action is going to make keeping my pool that much cleaner. Thank you so much...


Glad this advice was useful. Vacuum to waist is useful in many situations. Algae is just one of them. A bad dust storm is another. A really dirty pool is just best dealt with by getting rid of it straight out of the waist.

Another use is for lower capacity filters that clog up after just a few minutes of vacuuming. It gets old real fast if you have to stop vacuuming every few minutes to backwash, and then continue vacuuming, just to have to stop and do it over again.

So it really depends, do you use this position all the time, or just when you really need to? It depends on your system.

I normally have no problem vacuuming an entire pool in the normal filter position. When I service the pool I start by back-washing, then vacuuming, and then back-flushing again.

But when I have a really dirty pool I have no problem going to the waist position. It's whatever works best for you.

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Vacuum Suggestions for an Above Ground Pool

(The Menefee's)

We Love this site and all of the knowledgeable People that give informative advice here. We appreciate all that We are learning from it!

I am trying to find out what is the most effective vacuum on the market. Does paying more mean it's the best? Battery Operated VS Pump Operated?

We do not have any trees near our 24ft.round AGP however we do have a lot of sand. We keep a toddler pool at the base to rinse off feet but that has been minimally effective. We have been using the vacuum hose that came with the kit and it is not very effective at all.

Any suggestions on a better one or something else we might try is much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance for any and all help/suggestions, The Menefee's


I'm glad you like this site. This is slightly different than a forum because here all the answers come from me. That way I feel you are getting the best information possible.

My favorite cleaner is the bug by Hayward.

Above Ground Pool Cleaner

You may find this page helpful also.

Pool Cleaner

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Vacuum Suction Problem

by Jeanne Mattison
(So. Glens Falls,NY USA)

Hello, It's time to set up the pool for the summer. Last summer, we bought a 16X48 above ground with an Intel pump that handles 2,500 gallons.

Everytime I tried to vacuum the pool, I lost suction - almost like the filter system was air locked. It would take me forever to get it so that the pump would fill with water and work properly. Is there a trick that I don't know. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Jeanne.

You are not going to get a lot of suction out of a small pump like that, but you should not loose all your suction either.

Air is getting into the system. This could be happening for one of several different reasons.

Most of the time air gets into the system when the hose is being hooked up. I feed the vacuum hose into the water making sure all the air is out of it before hooking it to the skimmer.

If the hose is air free and you still loose suction your problem is an air leak in the plumbing. Anyplace where there is a connection that is not under water should be checked. If you have a hair a lint pot check the lid, they tend to leak a lot.

Find the air leak and you have fixed your problem.

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Air Bubbles While Vacuuming

by Greg

I have an above ground pool and the filter is running fine. When I go to vacuum and place the skimmer lid to create suction I begin getting air bubbles from the return in about 1 minute, then I lose suction.

What is causing this?

Hi Greg.

Placing the lid into the skimmer creates more suction in other places. A small air leak under normal circumstances become much larger with this added suction. The air is probably coming in through the lid of the hair and lint pot. To fix this it could be lubricated and possibly tightened more. Worst case would be it needs to be replace. Sometimes replacing the lid is enough, other times the entire pot needs replaced.

It could also be air coming in from a loose hose clamp or a small hole in a flex hose. You need to inspect everything between the front of the pump and the skimmer.

If the air bubbles begin after the hose is hooked up that usually means the hose was not properly primed with water. I hold the hose over the return and blow water through it before hooking it up to the skimmer.

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