V-bead Liner Question

by April

I ordered a 33 foot round by 54 inch pool. The v-bead liner that was delivered is a 33' by 52'. Wouldn't that be too small? Or does the sand make up the 2 inches?

Hi April

I would have no problem using that liner. I spent a whole summer installing 48" beaded liners into 52" wall pools just because they fit better. During an Arizona summer the temps are always over a hundred and the liners sort of melt into place.

Beaded liners can tend to be on the large side more often than the small side, so it will probably go in just fine. Do a good job of smoothing the bottom. Make use of high sun to soften the vinyl and then push as much of it as possible to the outer edges. You do this as the first inch of water is going in.

With all the liner pushed out of the bottom the small separation from from wall to liner should be equal all the way around. You can't ask the liner to stretch too much in one area, keep it even all the way around.

Once you have water in the bottom, and the liner smooth and even, decide how much, if any, the liner needs to stretch. If it is very little, and a warm day, you are probably just fine to let the hose run and fill the pool. If it appears the liner will need to stretch to fit tight against the wall use the sun. It is amazing how much vinyl will stretch when it is hot, and tighten up when it is cold.

Use the sun on a hot day and you should be fine. If your pool never sees the sun and the temps are in the fifties, send the liner back and get the right size.

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