Dented Above Ground Pool Sidewall

We just installed a 24ft above ground pool. We have about a foot of water in it and have noticed the walls denting a little bit. Any advice??


I would look closely at the areas that are dented and see if it is possible that the bottom rail is raised up between the uprights. This would cause the wall to bend. Scraping some dirt out from under the bottom rails usually allows the wall to go back into place.

If this does not seem to be the problem, it is probably OK to keep filling the pool. There is a good chance the water pressure will push the wall out flat. If a liner is not wanting to stretch, it could be pulling down on the wall. Filling the pool in direct sunlight should be a big help if that is a problem.

You might also start checking the pool level. Take a tape measure and check the distance from the top rail to the water level in several places. A variance of over an inch should be fixed before you go any farther with the installation. The water should be drained down to a inch or so before this type of leveling is done.

Follow the instructions on this page and you will be good as new again.

Pool Out of Level

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Jul 23, 2021
Walls buckling while filling
by: Aloha pool water

This is a huge problem in today's pools as they are much taller than the old 48in walls. They are also thinner. As a company that fills pools we usually never fill a pool the same day as an install due to the buckling issue. It is best to use your garden hose to fill the pool about 6 inches so the liner stretches slowly. You can also use hot water and pour it down the liner if a spot is really tight. The side in the sun is usually fine.

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New Pool With Buckled Wall

by Melissa

We had our above ground pool installed yesterday. We started filling it last night. We woke this morning and the walls were buckled in 2 places. By buckled, I mean there are 2 BIG dents in the side of the pool. They are about 5 feet long and 1 foot wide. There is a separation of about 4 inches between the post and the pool wall. We called the installer first thing this morning. He came over and said this is okay and when the water gets in, it will push the wall back out. Is this okay, or has our pool been compromised? We bought a higher end pool and I am worried that it has been weakened.

Hi Melissa

The wall should not be buckled, but it does happen on occasion. There is a good chance the water will push it out. As far as the sidewall goes, it should not be damaged in any way.

If the wall does not push out it is possible the bottom rail in that area is too high and will need to be lowered. A screw driver can be used to scrape some dirt out from under the high spots and the wall will pop right back into place.

There were a couple of brands of pools out there that were nearly impossible to get the side screws into the top plates. It seemed that either the wall was too high or the uprights too short.

Our solution for this was to put our knee gently into the pool wall. This would cause a slight bow in the wall and lower the cap to match the screw holes. We would then attach the top plate and move on.

Some of these bows were still present when we were finished with our install. It took the pool filling with water to push them out. In just about every case the pool looked fine when it was full. Hopefully that's what your problem is and the pool will correct itself as it fills.

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Jul 19, 2015
pool denting.
by: Anonymous

We have re installed an above ground pool and didn't start filling until late evening. This morning we have about 28in water but walls are denting above water level all the way around. We did fill during night. I turned water off..should we drain and start over refilling or keep going?


It's always best to do the filling during the day, in direct sunlight if possible. When the sun hits the liner you should know whether or not you will need to drain the pool. If the liner softens enough for the wall to go back into shape you are probably OK.

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