Walls Buckling While Filling Pool

by Jesse Gonzales
(Newcumberland WV 26047)

We are attempting to install a torn down pool we bought from someone that has been sitting for a few years. When we started filling the walls started buckling we thought it could be the pool isn't completely round as it is 24 or under one way and over 25 the other or that we tried filling over night when the sun wasn’t on the liner.

We didn't install the skimmer box on the side and the hole on the liner tore about an inch or two on both sides what should I do?

Hi Jesse

It sounds to me like you are trying to install a used liner. First off, yes, the filling should be done with sunshine, at least until the pool is half full.

Used liners are usually not worth messing with because they will have shrunk and in most cases will not stretch back out. Here is how to tell if the liner is usable. The first thing you do is install the skimmer and return. These holes must be lined back up and this has to be done before anything else. Under the skimmer push the liner to the edge of the pool. Now go directly across from the skimmer, and with the liner up against the wall on this side also, see if there is enough liner to go over the top of the wall.

It is very likely you will not have enough liner to do this. If you do then it's OK to continue on pulling the liner up and over the wall.

The holes in the liner can be patched with a vinyl repair kit. You would do the patching from the back side of the liner and give it plenty of time to dry. This usually works just fine.

Since it sounds like you may be completely draining the pool you might consider making it round also. Stick a screw driver with a tape measure attached to it in the center of the pool. Make all the rails read the same radius, around 12' give or take and inch or so.

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Should I be worried about this, this year?

by Jimmy
(Southern Illinois)

We had a 27' (Esther Williams) given to us and just got it up. We filled it over night. I looked at it this morning and the wall is buckling at the base of one of the uprights.

We used pre-existing padded coves and this one may have been one that was in not so great of shape and the seam between the next cove is right where this is buckling. I checked it in the pool and the cove is a little "shorter" than the rest. I have about 40 inches of water so far.

How much should I be worried about this for this year and is there anything I can do short of draining and replacing the cove? Thanks for any help.

This is my first pool and I bet I've spent 3 hours reading through all of your help, much appreciated.

Hi Jimmy

The most common cause of a wall buckling is if the post is a little too high. You may want to scrape some dirt out from under the upright and see if that does not take some pressure off the side wall. The cove imperfection you describe probably has nothing to do with the wall buckling.

It is also possible that the liner did not stretch where it needed to and it pulled the down on the wall causing the kink. Filling at night could easily cause this. If the liner needs to do any stretching at all it should be done during the heat of the day, not at night. If that is the case draining and refilling would solve the problem. Make use of the sun to help the liner with any stretching it may need.

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Pool Buckling When Filling

by Carl

I purchased a new Intex 16 x 32 x 54" ultra frame pool. While filling with water, the long sides buckle inwards significantly.

I put in about 10,000 gallons of the 14,000+ it holds and the sides still were buckling inward, so I drained the pool.

It is on completely level compacted ground. Is this normal, or is there something I should do differently??

Hi Carl

It sounds normal to me but if you could post back with a photo that would help a lot. The sides bowing inward as the pool fills is normal, it is the last few inches of water that should put it into place. It is when the sides bow out that you may have serious problems.

Comments for Pool Buckling When Filling

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Jul 24, 2008
pool dent
by: Anonymous

My husband and I put in a used above ground pool. WE GOT About 1 foot of water in the liner and noticed that between two posts on one side it began to dent? what is wrong? my husband thinks it needed more sand along the bottom under the liner?

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Please help! Liner Pulling Wall Down

Pool Wall Pulling In

Pool Wall Pulling In

Purchased a fairly new used pool, only used for one year.

Got everything set up and started filling pool up. Photos show what is happening.

Hi Based on the little bit of information I was given I am guessing you are installing a used liner that has shrunk. This can sometimes be done but only on a warm day in direct sunlight. Even a new liner needs sunlight and warm temperatures to fit correctly.

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