Warped Bottom Track and Kinked Wall

by Ben
(Montreal, Canada)

Kink and Warp in Pool Wall and Track

Kink and Warp in Pool Wall and Track

After a harsh and cold winter, I find that my pool sunk 4 inches on a side where we cut down a tree several years earlier.

My pool is a 21 foot circular. 12 years old and seems in good shape. I dig around the side that sunk to find a kink about 18 inches long and 5 feet of track warped to one side. The upper part of that section is out of the track, about 10 feet long.

Is my pool repairable or do I need to buy another?

Thanks for your time!

Hi Ben

It sounds like your pool needs some repairs but I don't see why it can't be fixed. To do it right you would need to drain it, which probably means replacing the liner. If that's not an option you could carefully examine it for soundness, it might be fine the way it is for the rest of the summer, it's hard for me to say for sure.

To fix it drain the pool and remove the liner. With a rubber mallet and wood block you should be able to flatten the wall. Get a laser level and level the pool to perfection. Since the wall has kinked once I would reinforce the inside with 12" coil stock, found at your local hardware store.

Slip the bottom of the coil stock into the bottom rail and use plenty of duck tape around the top edge. Reinstall the pool cove, smooth the bottom and install a new liner. You should be good to go another ten years or so.

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