What To Use To Level The Pool

by Kris

Pool Site

Pool Site

Hello, I have to make some good base on one side of the pool before I put the sand down. Here is what I have available at my local landscaping supply company:

- Pea Gravel

- River Rock - Large 1-1 1/2"

- River Rock - Small 3/4"

- Limestone Screenings

- Limestone Grade #8

- Limestone 3/4" Chips

- Concrete Gravel

- Decomposed Granite

- Driveway Gravel

- Game On Regular

- Game On Red

Which of these will compact the best? I will use it as a base and put some sand over it. I cannot dig the high side, and I only need to raise the one side about 3".

Any help will be appreciated it.

Thank You

Hi Kris

I would go with the decomposed granite, it is easy to level and packs like concrete. I have used it to raise areas a couple of feet or more.

The things about raising an area are to pack it well and allow for some ledge. The more you raise and area the larger a ledge should be. For 3" I would go at least a foot beyond the pool. For a 2' raise and would give at least a 3' ledge.

Granite packs well with some water and a little foot stomping, or a roller or even a compacter. For only 3" the foot stomping and soaking would probably be just fine.

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