Will Raised Area Hold Above Ground Pool

by Mary

I purchased a used above ground pool, 28 round 4ft. deep. My yard was uneven at one end by a foot. My husband and son decided to build the ground up, with dirt sand and cement. Compacted for about 1 week. Added cement pillars (small) at the back high end. Behind rock hard cement bags.

I called in an install company and was told this would hold and was safe. My pool guy told me that he had built several pools on uneven ground, building one side up.

However, as I'm thinking of the weight this thing holds, and even after the so called experts told me it would hold, I am still uneasy about this huge, beautiful pool I now have in my yard. Ever hear of anything like this before. Please help.. Thank You Mary in Michigan

Hi Mary

I have set up hundreds of pools on built up areas without any problems. As long as the ground is well packed and you have plenty of ledge you should be fine.

raised area for above ground pool

The ledge is important, a built up area should extend beyond the pool by several feet. A retaining wall of sorts is nice also but not necessary if the ledge is sufficient.

Now that the pool is up it's time to watch it and enjoy it. Chances are very slim that it will just collapse. If it starts to settle you will see it in plenty of time to be able to do something about it. To keep you from worrying about it why don't you put a few marks on the liner where the water level is. Put about four small marks around the pool, just big enough that you can see them. Check them every time you are in the pool, or near the pool. As long as the water is hitting these marks at all times the pool is not moving.

Another way to check it is with a tape measure. Measure from the top rails to the water level in several spots. Hopefully this measurement will be the same all the way around the pool. As long as it is you are fine. If you have a difference of several inches it might be time to worry.

So, unless you see the pool changing, enjoy it.

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