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Above Ground Oval Pool Oval Side Posts Not Level

Hello, I just got done with filling my Poolfactory oval buttress on each side pool and noticed that a few of the oval side uprights (not the buttresses)

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Replacing Expandable Liner with a Surrounding Deck

I have a 27' round pool that is surrounded by wood decking about half way around the pool. The middle of the pool is one foot deeper so I purchased an

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Losing Suction

When I vacuume it starts out sucking great but then 30 seconds in it stop sucking completely. I have cleaned both of the filter and the tubes that spits

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New Yard too Small for My Metal Frame Pool

Two years ago we bought a round 16' × 48 Intex metal frame pool. We used it just 1 summer and then moved. Our new home has hardly any yard. We just measured

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Section of Pool Wall Needs Replaced

A section of my pool wall needs replaced it has corrosion the whole way through under the intake hole. How do I replace that piece of wall? I also have

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18' Pool Liner Replacement Problem

I have a 18' above ground pool that is around 15 years old. I finally decided to change the liner this year even though it is in good shape (no holes).

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Foam Boards on top of Geotextile Pad

I'm replacing a failed liner on an 18 X 33 foot oval pool. The original installation included a geotextile base pad on top of sand as well as a foam cove

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Rusted Pool Wall HELP

Hello, I have found that the wall on my pool has rusted through. It is where the water return is. I have spring water, so if there is any way I can repair

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Pool Loosing Water

This is the second year in a row that in Aug. The pool loses 3 to 4 feet of water in 3 to 4 days. It can't be evaporation. Too much too fast. Then it stays

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Plywood Base with Foam

I have a 14 x 42 Intex metal frame. I had to do quite a bit of digging to get the ground leveled. I didn't want to use sand because I'm just not sure how

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Upright Posts Unlevel In and Out

Hello, I have just installed a 27 round 54 high above ground pool. After the install and I got in with shin deep water in it I noticed a few things. I

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Intex Pool Ground Prep

Trying to finish leveling the site for an Intex 18 X 48 round ultra frame pool. Removed the sod. Then used a board with leveler to level the site. Then

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Pump Pressure and Slime in Filter

When I bought my house last fall the above ground pool was covered when I opened the cover the water was brown. After talking to my new neighbor I was

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Replace Lost Sand

I had a 1/4 hole in my liner that I have patched and that seems to be holding quite well. My question is how do I replace the sand that was pushed out

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Pool Seams Not Even

I have a 30 foot, 52 inch agp, all walls and floor level. I installed the liner this past week. I used the foam cove which is 4 instead of sand which calls

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Replacing Doughboy Return Fitting

I received a Doughboy that was used that was missing the whole return fitting unit. To order directly from Doughboy is about 5x more expensive than most

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Wall Foam on 54" Wall

I installed a 15x30x54 resin pool,now ready to install the wall foam which only comes in 48 height, does the foam go to the top or bottom of the 54 wall?

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Pool Owner in Jersey with Sink Hole

Just bought a Cape May house with a maybe 5 year old 19000 gal in ground vinyl pool. Had local pool service come to open it and they removed plug from

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Holes in Outer Edges of Vinyl AGP Liner

We've had our 24' AGP for about 7 years and are on our second liner. When the first pool liner failed, because of small holes we couldn't find, we thought

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Install on Grass

We have had a 18' round pool (Intex) up for the last 6 years. The ground is level. Can I install a permanent above ground in the same spot without cutting

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