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Every year I take in a few used above ground pools for the purpose of reselling.  The first thing I do is go online and order a new vinyl liner.  I never sell a pool with a used liner nor do I ever install used liners.  Buying new pool liners online is so inexpensive it is just not worth the trouble of using used ones.

I prefer the 20 mil plain blue ones.  They are the least expensive and if something happens and you need to replace it in a year or two you have not just spent a ton on the fanciest print liner in the store.  Print liners have become very popular though.  Every year they come out with many new patterns and designs.  Plain blue or print is the choice you will have to make.

unpack swimming pool vinyl liner
It is also important when ordering a replacement pool liner that you get the right type.  There are overlap liners, beaded liners and v-bead liners.  There are some out there that can do all three.  An overlap liner uses plastic coping and stabilizer rods to hold it in place.  A beaded liner hooks into a bead receiver that hangs over the wall and is is accessed from inside the pool without removing the top rails.  The v-bead hooks directly onto the top of the wall and is secured with stabilizer rods.

installing a vinyl liner
Use extreme care when unpacking and installing your new liner.  They can tear or rip very easily.  Open the liner on a grass area or on clean, smooth concrete.  If you are installing an overlap liner as shown in the photo be sure that there are no sharp edges on any of the top rails or caps.  Use plenty of duck tape to make sure there are no rough edges.

deepend vinyl liner installation
Remember that once your pool liner is installed and the pool filled up you should never drain the pool and let is sit empty.  This will ruin your new liner very quickly.  Above ground pool liners can be drained down to about a foot and then refilled without damage.  This can be done as many times as you need to.  This is especially true with expandable liners.  Once a liner has been stretched into a deep end you should never drain it.

Visit this page for liner replacement tips and this one if you are wondering what to do about the liner overhang.  It would probably be helpful for you to read our liner installation tips before installing your new liner.

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