Vinyl Liner Overhang

What To Do With It

vinyl liner overhang ouotside of pool
What can you do with the extra vinyl liner hanging over the sidewall on your above ground pool?  Should you cut it off?

When installing an overlap liner in an above ground pool sometimes you are left with a lot of excess liner to deal with.  Most people tend to pull the liner straight over the sidewall leaving the excess on the outside of the pool.

This vinyl liner overhang on the outside of the pool can be cut off once the pool is full.  It is best to leave at least two inches hanging over just in case the pool looses some water and the liner shrinks a little.

vinyl liner overhang over pool wall
The major drawback to cutting this liner off is that the liner will shrink if the pool is left empty.  Even if you were to just drain it and fill it right back up the liner will shrink.  The excess liner would then be needed in order to refill the pool.

If you do decide to cut the excess liner just remember to never drain the pool.  Draining an above ground pool is something that is seldom necessary except at liner changing time.  Holes in the vinyl can be patched underwater and unsanitary water can be treated with chemicals.

vinyl liner overhang
There is, however, a better way to deal with the vinyl liner overhang.  When installing the liner simply fold the excess liner back into the pool and only pull over the wall an even two inches.  Folding the excess back into the pool saves it for later use if needed.  It also creates two layers of vinyl being pulled over the wall.  The rods and coping will have a snugger fit and tend to stay in place better.

The overall look of the pool is a lot better with a nice even overhang on the outside.  Be sure to not make it to small.  If you do not allow enough overhang the liner will tend to pull out.

If you have questions pertaining to above ground swimming pools feel free to ask the pool pro.  The pro would be me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

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vinyl liner overhang on above ground pool



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