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Tips For Buying Pool Liners Online

Are you thinking about buying your pool liner online?  There are some reputable online stores to do business with.  I will share with you the names of only those that have been recommended to me or that I have used myself.

In The Swim is a store I have ordered from with no problems.  I have also heard from others that have done business with them and all were happy.  I sell quite a few used pools every year and the first thing I do is order a new liner, I never sell pools with used liners.  In The Swim has these liners to me in just a few days and so far they have had every size I have needed.

Since I buy these for pools I resell it is not uncommon for me to order more than one at a time.  Whenever I do this I get a phone call making sure I really wanted two liners and that it was not just a mistake.  I think that speaks highly of the company to want to avoid mistakes if at all possible.

SwimmingPoolLiners has been mentioned to me with favorable comments.  Discountpoolliners has also been mentioned favorably.  They are located in California and the owners name is Mickey.

Poolsupplies has a definite approval with this quote "I order EVERYTHING from them, including a liner last year. Their prices are the best I have found anywhere."  Al had a not so favorable experience with this store and here is his advice.  "Before buying liners online, or from anywhere, ask specific questions about thickness, patterns, shipping, substitutions, and anything else you may not be certain of.  Never assume the person on the other end of the phone knows any details.  Before installing or taking it fully out of the box, measure the thickness and verify it's what you expected.  Read the company's substitution policy carefully, if there is one.  This is their way out of these issues."

One of the issues Al had was over the thickness of the liner.  Most online liner stores refer to their liners in terms of gauge while pool manufactures like Doughboy refer to their liners in terms of mils.  An example would be a 20 gauge liner is equivalent to a 16 mil liner.  Real pool companies have not used 16 mil liners in over twenty years.  They are just too thin.  My advice is to only purchase the 25 gauge liners from online stores and you will get a liner that is close to a 20 mil liner from your local pool store.  The above advice is excellent, ask enough questions, until you are sure of what you are getting.

Enjoy your online pool liner shopping experience and don't forget, you can ask the pool pro anything, anytime.

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