Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

This Is The Way I Do It

This page will illustrate my preferred way of installing an above ground pool liner.  There are different types of liners and many different installation situations.  We have learned to adapt to all of them,  but this is our favorite type of liner installation.

We start with a pool that has an overlap liner and no decking up against the pool.  The first step is to tape over any sharp edges of the pool frame.  The top connectors may have sharp edges that need to be well taped.  This liner was going into a Doughboy pool that is designed for this type of installation.  The only taping was to cover the holes the ladder was bolted through and the base of a few connection covers that were broke.

Liner Opened Up
We use a large push broom to smooth the sand base.  With the base smooth and the rough edges taped we find a good location to open up the liner.  I always open the liners and roll them up again out of the pool  From outside the pool we gently set the liner into the pool and start pulling the sides up and over the top rails.


Liner installation Over Top Rail


Stretching the Liner
It is not uncommon to get 2/3rds the way around the pool and run out of liner.  Many liners are just made small.  They will fit however.  Bright sunlight is sometimes needed.  It softens the liner and enables you to be able to stretch it.  When the liner is tight, go back to the beginning and pull it a little tighter.  At this point you should only have a few inches of liner hanging over the top rail.  Keep pulling and working the liner until it is all over the top rail.


Liner installation
Now you will start pulling the liner up and over each rail connection, a little at a time, until the bottom seam is a few inches from the top rail.  At this point the liner in the center of the pool should be just barely touching the base.


setting vinyl liner
At this time you start the water filling.  It is usually necessary to go around the pool every ten to fifteen minutes and let the liner down at each connection.  When the water is about four inches away from the edge you should shut the water off and start taking the pool apart.  Only remove three or four rails at a time.  Set the liner into place and reassemble the pool.  I take the pool apart and use cloths pins to hold the liner in place after tucking and setting.  One of my helpers will follow behind, installing the coping, rods and top rails. Done a few rails at a time the pool is never left without support. Windy days never keep us from doing our job.

Wait until the water is a few inches up the wall and install the skimmer and return.


We do pool and liner installations all over the state of Arizona. Check here for prices.

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