Above Ground Pool Directions

For Used Pool Owners

Below I have listed a few sites that offer above ground pool directions.  These would be helpful no matter what make or model of pool you have.  For more specific instructions you can always try your pool manufacturers website.  You may also want to pick up some tips on our pool installation page.

Royal SwimmingPool.com has a couple of sets of generic instructions.

Many of these above ground pool manufactures will have a website where PDF downloads will be available.  For the most part, these instructions are all about the same.  There is not much difference from pool model to pool model when it comes to round pools.  Oval pools, on the other hand, that's a whole different story.  The brace systems can include a million parts and you better put them together correctly.

The good news is that if you are looking for instructions for a used pool the brace system is probably already assembled, at least for the most part.

convert strap braces to deep end
I am often asked how to convert an oval pool with straps, to one that will allow a deep end.  It is really quite simple.  You cut out the straps and add a couple of building blocks under the brace.  You also need to add an L bracket.  The brace assembly will back into the blocks and eliminate the need for the strap.  All we are doing is duplicating the Doughboy brace system shown below.  Before removing the straps, measure the distance across from brace to brace.  It's critical this side to side measurement stay the same, even after the straps are removed.

doughboy pool brace
This photo shows the Doughboy brace assembly with the L bracket resting against the 8x8x16 block.  Another block can be added behind the one shown and the connecting straps are no longer needed and a deep end can be installed. Instead of adding a second block a couple bags of ready mix concrete can be added in, around and behind the one block. Either way is fine.


No matter what set of above ground pool directions you use be sure to make your round pool perfectly round and perfectly level. With an oval pool level is critical, especially on the side braces, front and back, and properly blocked.


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