Above Ground Swimming Pools

Information For First Time Pool Buyers

Above ground swimming pools are an affordable way for the entire family to escape the heat.  They can be set up in a day or two.  From the time you buy the pool until you are swimming is usually not more than two weeks.

Visit my above ground pool installation page to get an idea just how quickly this can be done.  The time frame of these photos is four hours.

kids playing in an above ground pool

To find a general price guide for above ground pool installations see this page.  We install pools all over the state of Arizona, but these prices would be a good guide for anywhere else.

First time pool buyers should consider a few factors before making that purchase.

  • Where to buy, local or online
  • What size pool, yard size and budget
  • How much equipment do you need for starters
  • Is the ladder provided going to be safe and adequate
  • If you are installing yourself, are the directions easy to follow
  • How will you landscape your yard to keep the grass away from the pool
  • How will you get electrical to the filter
  • How will you keep your pool safe from young children

Great prices for above ground swimming pools can be found online.  A good local dealer can sometimes be worth the extra money in terms of service.  Do they have installers?  Do they have parts on hand should your pool be short one bottom rail?  Can they analyze your water for free and recommend the proper chemicals?  Sometimes the service of a local store can make up the price difference very quickly.

Measure your yard carefully before ordering the pool.  You should have at least two foot extra around the pool to be able to install it properly.  With oval pools and lap pools the side brace structure needs to be taken into account.  Some side braces stick out beyond the pool and some do not.

You will at least need a starter cleaning kit.  This should contain a vacuum, pole and hose.  A leaf net is also useful.  Most packages now include some type of automatic pool cleaner but I would still have the hand vacuum on hand for a fast clean up after a storm.  Be sure your pool comes with a winter cover and maybe even a solar blanket.  These are just a few things to look for when buying your first pool.

above ground pool ladder
Pay particular attention to the ladder.  Is it strong enough to hold the weight of your heaviest family member.  Many of them are not.  If you are planning to add a pool deck you may want to go with just a deck ladder and save some money.  A deck ladder is just half a ladder so they cost less.

pool installation
Installing above ground pools is what I do for a living.  I have provided a lot of tips on this site to help the do-it-yourselfer.  If your plan is to self install I strongly recommend that you ask to see the installation manual before you buy the pool.  Some are good and can be followed fairly easily and some are a joke.  If you hire someone make sure they have experience.  Many times a year people use my contact form and send photos of their pool that they paid to have installed.  Some of these jobs are just plain terrible.  Make sure the people you hire can do the job right the first time.

Landscaping around your pool is important only if you have a grass yard.  You should always have a two foot area free of any vegetation around your above ground swimming pool.  This is to keep the grass and weeds from growing up through the liner.

Above ground swimming pool filters are usually pre wired to plug into a 110 outlet.  It is recommended that you run a dedicated line from your main breaker box to your filter.  This line should include a GFI breaker.  I have on many occasions used an extension cord from a patio outlet.  If you choose that route make sure your cord is a thick heavy duty outdoor cord.

Please parents, protect your children from drowning.  Children can climb on anything and enter an above ground pool.  This includes the filter system.  You should plan on using an alarm or some sort of fencing system.  Fencing is made to fit on the pool or use yard fencing to separate the pool area from the rest of the yard.  Spent some time in my above ground swimming pool faq's for a lot more pool information.



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