Insulated Roof Panels

The Durability of Aluminum with 3 1/2" of Insulation Built In.

Insulated Roof Panels are made to fit into the framework of a standard type aluminum awnings. Insulated roof panels are perfect to combine with awning panels over a patio or carport. The framing stays the same, you simply use the insulated panels over the area you plan to build a room under.

The panels can be cut to any length and are usually either 4' or 2' wide. The thickness is either 3" or 3 1/2" depending on the framework of your awning. They can also be used to replace your existing awning panels should you decide to build some extra space under your awning. The insulated roof panels are made of an expanded polystyrene foam with a stucco finished flat aluminum sheet chemically bonded to each side. The strength is amazing, we can easily walk across the top of these panels at spans up to 20’. Insulated roof panels are growing in popularity and can be obtained through most companies that deal in aluminum awnings. If you are located in Arizona contact me for a free estimate.


insulated roof panels on job site
These are the insulated roof panels on the job site ready for us to install. The awning panels are stacked at the far left. This patio cover will use both 3 1/2" awning pans and 3 1/2" insulated roof panels.


awning on park model
This is the finished product before the deck and room are built. Notice that the siding was left off the rear half of the park model because a room is to be built there.


insulated roof panels and awning panels
This is a view of an insulated roof panel from the underside before the room is built.


park model and awning
This is a room built under the insulated roof panels. With a full 3 1/2" of foam over the room it well be very well insulated and the construction costs were much less than with conventional methods.


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