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Digging Down to Level is not an Option

I’m planning on buying a 15x26 pool. I have a slop in my yard and finished putting in a retaining wall where I want to put the pool. The wall was back

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Buttress Posts Leaning

We had a professional (we thought) install our pool. The next day we noticed as we were filling the pool that one side was leaning. On the other side 1

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Armor Sheild Liner Pad

Our installer says we will have wrinkles and footprints if we use the liner pad. We're paying a lot money for a professional A/G pool installer company

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Stripped Screws in Above Ground Pool Buttresses

I have an above ground pool. I have all of the metal tops off the sides. There are about 10 screws in the uprights around my pool that are stripped.

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24 Round Pool - Water Level Difference

I have a 24' round, 52 deep above ground pool. Ground was leveled and construction began. During construction, rail, wall and uprights were continuously

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15X30 AG Oval Steel Walls Heaved

Hi there, I live in Canada and just took the winter cover off our pool. It appears the steel walls heaved several inches over the winter and popped several

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Ground Solid For New Pool

I have a question. My 24 foot round pool collapsed last summer. I have now bought a 27 foot round pool. The 24 foot round pad that held the old pool is

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Out of Level Pool

Hi there, we have an 18' round steel walled pool that is approx, 2 out. I am ready to raise the sunken post, but want to confirm that I need to. The post

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Pool Liners

I have a question regarding the type of liner I need to get. I took your recommendation to order from In the Swim...however they only have rectangle beaded

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Replacing the Liner with Deck

We are replacing our above ground pool liner. Our deck is flush with the top of the pool. Now we can't figure out how to get 5 of the caps off, because

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New Pool Rusting

My pool is only 3-4 years old. Its a Sharkline Heritage 24' round. I started to notice rust around the out side of the pool wall and on the pool upright

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New Pool Next to Deck

I need to replace an existing Doughboy pool that is surround by a deck. It is 21' round, 48 high. I found the same pool with same width height and number

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Pool Base Options for Intex

Great site, thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject. I Had a 15' X 48 Intex pool last season in backyard. The level was good ,off less than 2

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Pool Blocks Not In Same Place

Hi, I am putting up another pool and I am noticing that the blocks do not seem to be in the same spot as the ones before, is this normal? Can I leave the

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Styrofoam Under Entire Pool Including Posts

I have a 15' round above ground pool and need to re-level it. I live in Canada where it freezes hard.My question is, can I use the pink 1 1/2 interlock

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Torn and Bent Pool Wall

This past winter I had some ice damage to the one area of our pool that houses the skimmer, causing a tear in the wall around the skimmer, and some bending

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Bad Liner Seam

Installed new liner last summer and this winter the pool emptied in a day due to a whole that we found this spring. The hole is at the seam, at the cove,

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Straps on Above Ground Pool Pushing Through Liner

Just had 15×30 above ground oval installed and within two days I notice straps pushing though the liner. I called the pool installer and told him what

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Above Ground Pool Install

We are in the process of re-installing our 21 foot round above ground pool. We took it down, had a professional come in with a bobcat and level the area,

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Above Ground Pool and Pavers

We had a 24x54 round pool installed yesterday by professional's and I noticed (thought about it today) they didn't put pavers under any of the support

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