Wood Decks for Above Ground Pools

Example Of A Wood Pool Deck

Custom Wood Decks for Above Ground Pools

This deck was being installed in Mesa, Arizona. You may click on the photographs for a larger view. Wood above ground pool decks are all custom made so just about anything is possible.

This wood deck is two levels and does a great job of hiding the soft side pool behind it. We are not quite done with this project but when the rest of the stain is on I think it will look great. Visit our Above Ground Pool Decks page to view a few completed projects.


wood deck for above ground pool
above ground swimming pool deck


wood deck for above ground swimming pool
decks for above ground pools


wood pool deck


Below is another example of an above ground pool deck being built.


wood pool deck under contruction
wood pool deck finished


Not everyone wants to go to this kind of expense for their pool deck.  There are alternatives to wood decks.  The prefab resin decks work just as well, maybe not quite as elaborate but usually less money.


resin pool deck


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