Above Ground Pool Decks

Deck Choices For Your Pool

Here are a few photos of above ground pool decks that were built in the Phoenix Arizona area. The decks range in size from 100 to 150 sq. ft. Our installed prices on these wood decks were between $1,700 and $2,200.

For a free estimate use our contact form.  We would be happy to visit with you and discuss your deck needs.

Decks for above ground pools come in two flavors.  Custom built wood decks or prefab Resin Decks.

wood pool deck
Above Ground Pool Wood Deck
The choice is yours, of course, and there is no right and wrong.  I have installed many of both types for a lot of happy customers.


deck for above ground pool
Wood Deck
This is a nice deck built next to a 16' x 24' above ground pool. The deck fits nicely in the yard and gives the kids ample room to get in and out of the pool. There is also plenty of room for sitting or laying out.


wood deck on soft side pool
Soft Side Pool Deck
This deck also has plenty of room on top for chairs or laying out. This is made from stained white wood. The posts are redwood and the 2x4's around the bottom are treated greenboard. It is a good idea to apply a fresh coat of stain once a year to this type of deck.


steps on wood pool deck
Deck Steps
If you are in Arizona contact me for a free estimate. We build decks for above ground pools, spas, mobile homes and park models.


wood deck with redwood stain


This above ground pool deck has a little darker stain to give the look of real redwood.

Be sure to give some thought to how you are going to change your liner before sinking a lot of money into a deck.  Overlap liners require the top rails being removed.  Overlap liners also install better when they are stretched in over the top rails so extra room around the outside of the pool is required for this.

For a large deck, possibly covering the rails, a beaded liner should be considered.  The liner can then be changed without removing the deck.

With an overlap liner consider leaving the deck down a foot or so from the top of the pool or building it with the idea that it can be moved away from the pool when it's time to change the liner.


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See an above ground pool deck being built.




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