Above Ground Pool Liner - Base Questions

by Chris Peach
(Sherwood, Arkansas, USA)

I have a 24' round AGP and I have a new liner that I need to put in. I put a new liner in a couple years ago and didn't have a clue apparently what I was doing. It has deep foot prints and other divots. All in all I didn't install it properly.

I have a new liner and pre-formed cove molding for the pool. My question is about the base of the pool. Can I put 1/2" styrofoam pad down on top of the sand? If so, will this solve my issue with the divots and foot prints in the bottom of the pool?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chris.

There is nothing wrong with the 1/2" foam base but you should still smooth the sand out first. Anything under the foam will show through under the weight of the water.

You might consider just working with your existing sand. The sand has been packed for years now, and if properly smoothed out, should stay that way. If the divots are deep you could even add some more sand. You would then water it and pack it. You could then give it a final smoothing with a push broom and hop out of the pool.

The trick to having a smooth base is how you install the liner. Have a look at these pages and consider stretching in you next liner.

Expandable Liner Installation

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Diamond Star Installation

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Jun 20, 2011
Sand on top of preformed cove molding?
by: Chris Peach

I am curious to know if I need to put some sand over the preformed cove molding that I have installed or just leave it uncovered and keep the sand for the bottom of my above ground pool?

Hi Chris. You can do it either way. I normally run the sand up the cove about half way. If your sand base is real thick it's ok to completely cover the cove.

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