Above Ground Pool Liner Hole

When my husband opened up the pool he mistakenly mixed up the hoses and connected them backwards. We let some water out of the skimmer and some of the sand had washed away.

Over the weekend the kids were in the pool and while playing they had noticed the water level was lower then normal. After noticing a leak in the area that the sand had washed away one of the kids went over to the hole and ended up putting his foot right thru the liner.

After they got out of the pool the water tore an even bigger hole about 3 feet wide and like a gushing river all the water was forced out of the pool leaving a big hole about 6 feet wide 1 foot deep under that section.

The pool is still standing, however, we're not sure if this could be an easy fix or should we just take it down, bring more sand in, and start over? It seems like that section was built up and not level out side of the pool with the overall rest of the pool.

If we build a low stone wall, and add sand to level the ground, will that prevent this from happening again?


I was hoping, as I was reading your post, that you were not going to ask me if your liner could be patched and reused. So I am assuming you are planning to start over with a new liner.

It is unlikely

I would choose to take the pool down, but a possibility. I would have to see the pool to see how well it was installed the first time. With a good installation you should be just fine to make your repairs with the pool still up.

Holes in the cove area are very common. This area of the pool takes a lot of abuse from pool cleaners, especially hand vacuums. The way to prevent this from happening again is to make sure you have a solid cove.

This stuff is great, but not absolutely necessary.

Above Ground Pool Preformed Pool Cove

What you need to do is make sure the rails and footplates are sitting on firm, solid, level ground. Sand is not good here, it should just be under the liner, not the pool frame.

I would make sure the entire pool frame is sitting on firm level ground. I may also place blocks under the uprights in the affected area. Next I would make sure the inside track is covered by something besides sand. It can be covered with a couple inches of dirt and be just fine, sand would then go over top of the dirt. This should prevent future washouts.

Outside the pool I would make sure the bottom rail was not exposed anywhere. I like dirt packed around the pool. I also like landscape plastic and decorative rock around a pool. I like most anything around a pool except grass or an exposed bottom rail. If you pack the pool in, blowouts will not occur nearly as easily.

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