Above Ground Pool Track When Using Foam

by Mike
(Eddyville, IA USA)

Typically the above ground pools I've seen installed have the wall track and joiner plates at ground level and have paver-type blocks mounted below ground/flush directly under the plate. This works correctly with beaded liners.

However, I am going to use 2" 4x8 styrofoam sheeting to line my pool below the liner. If I put the track directly on the ground, the liner elevation will be off by 2". What do you recommend it this case?

Is it ok to have the wall track sitting 2" off the ground on paver blocks to ensure that the liner elevation (beaded type) remains correct? I can see that an overlap liner could accommodate this fairly easily...but am needing advice on a fixed sidewall liner.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Mike

I'm not a big fan of beaded liners unless there is a real good reason for using one, like this pool.

Above Ground Pool and Deck

This page, Oval Pool Installation, shows a pool installed with a beaded liner that I converted to overlap simply to get the kind of fit that I like. I have very little patience for baggy beaded liners. This pool is an oval pool with a strap system. The rails have to go on ground level and at least two inches of base is needed to safely cover the metal straps and pressure plates. So I'm not sure you are correct in assuming that beaded liners do not take into account a two inch base of sand above ground level. But since most of the ones I have seen have been too big you may be right, if so, what about oval pools? Are they just meant to be baggy on the sides?

We worked with a company one year that insisted on selling beaded liners with all of their pools. We had them order 48” liners for all of their 52" wall pools and they fit just fine. Had they not done that I would have made them all overlap liners simply by pulling the excess liner over the top and using coping strips.

In you situation, wanting to use a beaded liner, and having it fit correctly, I would either lower the foam or raise the bottom rails. Digging out two inches of dirt to accommodate the foam is a lot of work but certainly an option. So is raising the bottom rails two inches. On indoor displays where foam has been used we have set the entire pool, rails liner and all, on top of the foam with no problems. These pools just stay up for six months or so, so the long term life of the foam under the rails is not known to me. I think I would prefer blocks, but yes, it could be done without any problems.

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