Aluminum Awning, Deck and Shed

Putting It All Together

The combination of aluminum, lumber, and a little vinyl thrown in, can make for an attractive addition to any modular home.  These concepts work great on Park Models also.

awning deck
This job consisted of an aluminum awning, deck and shed.  The mobile home siding was added around the deck a little later.  We started by installing the awnings first.  The front awning continues across the driveway and connects to the carport awning.  Support was added to the large portion of the awning with extra posts and an I-beam.  This last photo shows the shed installed which further supported the awning.


aluminum awning and deck

The photo above shows the deck installed complete with steps, carpet and handrail.  When the home siding was brought down to the ground the job got it's finished look.


awning I-beam
This is the carport awning. It was built with an I-beam added and a little extra thickness to the awning pans.  Notice how the beam acts to support the hanger assembly of the front awning.  The shed is sided to match the home and provides a dry place for all the golf clubs to be stored.  I'm pretty sure the washer and dryer are also located there.  That's a good way to keep the extra heat out of the home.

shed with vinyl siding


This is the type of job we do all over Arizona, six days a week.  The estimates are free so give it a try.  Arizona Awning Quote

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