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How To Install Yoder Siding

Yoder siding is the siding used on many Park Models sold today.  It is also used on the sheds and walls that are built after the home is set.  The trend is moving towards other types of siding, like vinyl siding, but there is still a lot of Yoder sided Park Models out there.

Yoder Siding on Shed
Arizona rooms are often built next to Park Models and also use matching Yoder siding.

Yoder comes in two widths and many different lengths.  A full Yoder is about 9" and a half Yoder is 4 1/2".  Yoder can be ordered in one foot increments up to 20' long.  The common sizes that are stocked are usually 8', 9', 10' and 12'.  Anything else is a custom order.  Most Yoder siding is made out of aluminum but there are a few companies using steel.  The steel siding is basically the same stuff, it is just a little less expensive.

Shed Siding
You install Yoder siding from the top down, just the opposite of vinyl siding.  The trick is to have the color bands in the siding match the bands on any existing structure you are building to match.  There is a pretty easy way to do this.  In this example let's say you want to install siding on the shed pictured to the right.  You will need a straight 2x4 that will reach from the shed to the home.  Set the 2x4 on the very bottom of the white Yoder just above the color band.  With a level on the 2x4 mark the shed at the nearest corner.

The mark you made on the shed is the bottom of the exposed piece of siding.  The siding goes down another 1/2" beyond this point.  Measure down 1/2" from your mark and make another mark.  Take this mark and make the same mark on the other three corners.  Use the 2x4 and level for this to be sure it is level all the way around your shed.  This mark represents the bottom of the last piece of siding before the colored piece.  Once the colored siding is installed you will no longer need marks.

You will next need to measure up 9 1/8" from your mark and make another mark.  Do this all the way to the top on all four corners.  The distance from the top mark to the top of your shed will be the size of the first piece of siding.  The top piece will usually have to be mitered.  This can be done by scoring the siding with a razor knife and then bending the aluminum back and forth until it snaps.

Yoder Siding on Park Model
The bottom piece will need to be cut in the same way.  When measuring for the bottom cut be sure to measure each corner.  Keep in mind also that the top will go up into the piece above it by about 1/2" so be sure and add that on to your measurement.

Aluminum J-channel is used to trim around the doors and windows.  This needs to be done before you start to install Yoder siding.  The corners and and top molding can be what they call "shop bent".  This type of trim goes on over the top of the siding after it has been installed.  Shop corners are much easier to use than pocket corners, especially if you are inexperienced at installing Yoder siding.

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