Asahi or Doughboy Pool

by Bill
(Nottingham, PA)

I am looking at buying an above ground pool for the first time. I have decided upon an 18' x 33' x 52 oval pool without buttresses.

I can buy a nice Doughboy Century or Lomart pool from 2 local dealers at about $ 6500 installed or buy an Asahi Zanzibar pool with a number of extras (25ml liner, wedding steps, winter pool cover) for only $ 3500 + 1900 labor to install it. In essence $1000 less expensive!

Both of the dealers said the Japanese made Asahi rust a lot quicker and thought they had better pumps (1-1/2 Doughboy, 1-1/2 Hayward). (The Asahi comes with a Waterway 1-1/2 HP pump). Any thoughts or suggestions?


Hi Bill

There is no comparison in quality between Doughboy and Asahi. For only a thousand dollars difference I would go Doughboy. You will easily get that back over time if you keep the pool awhile.

Asahi Above Ground Pools

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Aug 16, 2010
internet pool
by: Bill

What are your thoughts about having a local pool builder, build a pool I was planning to buy off the internet? I am a little wary of doing that since you hope that the pool ordered has all the needed parts and none that are broken.

Hi Bill

I have had pretty good luck installing internet pools, as far as having all the parts. If you are missing something, however, it may take longer to get it than a local store, but not always. Most places should be able to ship overnight delivery, but not all are willing to.

My best advice would be to talk to your installer before you order the pool. Make sure he is familiar with the brand and thinks he can install it properly.

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