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Are They The Best Above Ground Pool?

In over four decades of installing above ground swimming pools I have become a big fan of Doughboy Pools.  I have installed every make and model that has ever been made, or close to it.  The Doughboy brand just stands out as one of the best.

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Doughboy has a sister company called Lomart.  They incorporate the same high quality into a slightly less expensive pool.

For over forty five years now Doughboy pools have been the best constructed pool on the market.  Many companies have tried to over design the above ground pool.  Doughboy has stayed true to an installer friendly pool that do it yourselfers can easily install.  Pools that professionals, like myself, can make look good every time.

The Sand Dollar II is a good example of what an above ground pool should be.  It combines two of the best pools Doughboy ever made.  The 6" top rails with the 4" uprights.  At one time there was the Crestline (6" uprights and top rails), the Surfline (4" top rails and uprights) and the Aqualine.  The Aqualine was about as simple as a pool could get.  The 2" top rail and small uprights were of little support, but when installed level and round, they stood strong and proud for many years.  Many years meaning 20 and over.  Doughboy has always been on the cutting edge of making quality, well coated sidewalls.  When the other models were rusting out in five years the Doughboys were lasting well beyond that.

The Sand Dollar II combined the best of the Crestline and the Surfline into one pool.  The uprights are a solid 4" construction, as opposed to a three piece system used on the 6" version.  The 6" top rail is a lot nicer than the 4".  This pool still uses the patented bar to attach the wall ends together.  I personally like the bar, a lot quicker that 20 or so bolts and nuts.  The Sand Dollar II is currently one of the cheaper pools offered in the Doughboy line up.  They have also gotten into over designing, to keep up with the competition I am sure.  It is however an outstanding pool at a great price.

Doughboy Above Ground Pool
The Intrique is my all time favorite pool by Doughboy.  It started out under the name of Kings Canyon.  It was the upgrade to the 6" top rail Crestline.  This pool featured a large 8 1/2" top rail.  This pool was later repainted and became the Blue Glacier.  This model has probably undergone several paint jobs and names but it still remains the best above ground pool ever made.  The Intrique is now a 52" wall with all of the same quality of the older versions.

The Silver Lake and the Copper Canyon pools are the 6" version by Doughboy that have continued on unchanged.  The colors and names are different but the design is tried and true.  It is another quality pool at a good price.  This is a good and easy to install pool.  There is nothing over designed here.  Just your basic good solid pool.

Doughboy Above Ground Swimming Pool
The Desert Spring has only been out a couple of years so I can not give long term results for the resin rails.  It is an easy pool to install and has Doughboy quality written all over it.  We have only had one problem with this pool so far.  The top caps need to be preheated before installing. This is easily done by setting them in the sun for an hour or so before installing.  Once the temp is 90 degrees or above we have no problems but we have broken a few during winter installations.  Pre warm them a bit before installing and you should not have a problem.  I like every thing about this pool, good solid construction.

I have not yet experienced the entire Doughboy pool line but these are some good quality choices.

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