Base Prep For Pool

by Eric

Base for an above ground swimming pool

Base for an above ground swimming pool

I'm installing a 24' above ground pool. The existing soil is sandy and I have dug down to virgin soil.

Do I need to replace the sand around the bottom rails with a base? I am putting patio blocks in. I have attached photo of excavated area (2x4's are screed boards).

Hi Eric.

If the soil between your patio blocks is very hard packed sand you might be alright as long as you have some sort of birm around the outside of the pool to prevent any sand from washing out.

If time and money allow it is always better to remove the sand under the bottom rails and replace it with dirt, crushed granite, or some type of crusher run from your local sand and gravel pit. After all your patio blocks are set level a 1' wide area in between them could be filled in and packed solid. This would be the ideal base for a pool frame to sit on.

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Jun 01, 2009
how deep should ring be
by: eric

If I do replace the outer ring with a "base" how deep should it be? I have 2x8x16 patio blocks in place.

Hi Eric. Six inches would probably be deep enough. If the ground is real loose and easy to dig you could go a little deeper.

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