Best Steel Wall Pool Base

by Joe Bates
(Newcastle, OK, USA)

My wife and I were going to buy an above ground 24' x 52" steel wall pool and I am unsure what the base of the pool should be? The company that is going to install the pool usually works with sand and they are certified but I was thinking about having a Concrete Slab poured for the base.

It would look a lot more professional in my opinion. Which one should I use? Which one is the best to use?

Thanks, Joe Bates

Hi Joe.

The majority of my installations are done on a sand base and they turn out just fine. If the installers are good you should not have a problem going this rout.

Setting your above ground pool on a concrete slab is, however, much better. But it is also a lot more expensive and out of the budget of most of my customers.

Not only do you need a good solid slab you also will need a pad to cover the concrete and some preformed pool cove.

Above Ground Pool Preformed Pool Cove

A concrete slab will be perfectly level, at least we hope so. It will prevent grass and gophers from damaging your liner. It will, or at least it should not, ever sink or settle. Your slab will not have footprints like a sand base is likely to have. There are many advantages, it just depends on your budget.

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Aug 25, 2011
Follow Up Question
by: Joe Bates

The concrete is going to be pretty darn expensive so I think we will stick to the sand. Can we stick a foam bottom on top of the sand base and install the 48 Inch Track Cove (Snaps Into Wall track) so that we do not have to push the sand and dirt against the sides of the pool? As you can see I am in the learning process and want to make sure the pool gets installed correctly. If we can put foam down on the sand base can you point me in the direction where I can purchase the correct foam.

Thanks, Joe Bates

Hi Joe. Doing it this way is fine, go easy on the sand and the foam will go down smoother. You can buy the foam sheets at any Home Depot or Lowes.

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