Broken Resin Top Rail

by Art
(Joplin, MO)

I'm in deep...

After removing my winter cover , I discovered that 1 end of a section of my resin top rail was pulled out about an inch from under it's corner cover. After removing the corner cover I discovered that the top rail mounting slots had been broken out at the ends of the slots.

1) I do not understand how/why this happened?

2) Not sure if pool is safe, if top rail adds structural support?

3) Is the top of the pool, out of round, and if so, how to fix that?

4) Need to replace the resin top plate, however not sure as to how to go about it. safely.

5) How to check pool afterwards to insure it is OK?

Any help would be great...

Hi Art

I would need to see photos of the pool to be able to answer all of your questions but here are some basics.

The biggest problem with resin top rails is they will not hold up to any pressure caused by leveling or roundness issues.

I have seen them pull out in the transition sections on oval pools, where the pool goes from the side into the end. Sometimes, no matter how well the pool is installed, the corners have pressure the the rails need to hold. And many times they don't.

A well constructed pool should stay up without any top rails, so

the pool should be save, assuming you do not have any major leveling issues.

Ordering a new top rail won't solve your problem and will probably just pull out again. I would drain the pool to about half way, this takes away some of the pressure at the top and will allow you to make some adjustments. I would then undo some of the rails near the problem area. Try using a different spacing, making new holes if need be. You want to keep all uprights straight up and down while gaining some extra rail. Just a little more spacing on enough rails should put you back to the trouble spot with a nice fit that will not be pulling on the rail. Make some new holes for the damaged end, use some small washers if need be, and put it back together.

When you fill it up again things should stay in place this time.

Issues like roundness and level would require almost a complete drain of the pool so the fix above would be adapting the rails to any existing structural flaws. Before draining you may want to check the level. Measure the distance between the water and the top rails all the way around. Hopefully you are within an inch or so. Now check your uprights, are the all straight? Posts leaning in or out or side to side indicate problems. If your issues are not bad, do the quick fix and just readjust your rail spacing.

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Jun 09, 2014
Broken Resin Top Rail
by: Art

Thanks for your reply...

I have checked all of the top rails with a level and they are flat. I also checked the supports and there are also level vertical, except for the vertical under the broken one and the one to the right of it seems to leaning outward. Maybe by 1/2-1 degree.

I have taken photos of the top plate and the broken top rail, however I do not see a way to upload them.

This is a Hampton 30 pool made by (at the time) Aquarian Pools. Now they are made by Trevi also know as Cornleius.

So far all my efforts to contact them have not been positive.
I did manage to contact several dealers that provide me some history..

At this point, I am not of letting anyone in or near that side of the pool until this is resolved.

I wan thinking that a cinch strap around the top might help matters from getting worse.

Hi Art

I wanted to add a photo you sent me.

resin top rail broke

When resin rails first came out, many years ago, there was a model that came with thin metal slats, almost like mini blinds. These slats needed to be inserted into the top rails in the openings shown just beyond the broken screw holes. If these slots go all the way through the rail, from one to the next, find a couple of sturdy metal straps that fit the slot, cut them to size and use to reinforce the rail.

You would then need to drain just enough water out of the pool to allow you and a couple of helpers to push the rail back into place.

If you can not slide metal through the rail, put it under the rail. Construction strapping material would be perfect for this.

Jun 10, 2014
Broken Resin Top Rail
by: Art


The pool manufacturer(Trevi)does not mess around, they wanted to make sure I was contact by someone from the company..
and I was...
I received emails from three different employees asking about this issue and offering their I sent pictures and my invoice.

So far things sound promising..

Maybe I'll be swimming by the 4th...

Jun 19, 2014
Need info to reach Trevi please
by: Becky

I was reading Art's comments and noticed that he did get contacted by Trevi. Can I please get the contact information because I am having trouble finding it. Thanks!!

Jun 23, 2014
Broken Top Rail
by: Art

Becky, sorry for the issues

anyway here are the contacts I have.

Marilyn Staneff
US Sales Manager
Trevi Manufacturing - Cornelius Pools
12775 Brault Ste
Mirabel, QC J7J 0C4
Tel: 450-973-1249
Fax: 450-973-8200
Mobile: 905-980-0095

Laetitia Couture
Adjointe administrative
Administrative assistant
12,775, rue Brault
Mirabel (Qc) J7J 0C4

Murielle Pitre
Service Pièces & Garanties Hors Terre
Parts & Service Warranty Above Ground
Tel.: 450 973-1249 poste 2913 / 1-888-777-0447 ext 2913
Fax : 450 973-8200

Radu - Engineer did not get his email address..

Please note - They are on the east time zone...

Jun 24, 2014
Broken Top Rail
by: Art

I also located this web page.

where I located the pool I have and all the information about it.

The install video helped me understand what I need to do to fix my pool, I also liked the music...

Jun 24, 2014
Broken Top Rail (correction Ledge)
by: Art

POOL Update...

After sending 40 plus photos (2 for each of the 20 ledges) and measurements of my pool,
we determines what parts I need to fix my pool for now.

The contacts, Marilyn, Murielle, Laetitia and Radu, have been very patient and helpful with me thru this pool learning experience, and they should get a raise..

I received a price based on the warranty that came with the pool, being pro-rated at the 5-6 year level.

I did not expect the parts to be free, however, It would have been great if they had been. Anyway the pool education was great. are on order and should be shipping out on Thursday (26th) or Friday (27th). Then there is a 5 -7 business days for shipping. I am to get an e-mail when they hit the road..

Lastly, I am waiting for repair instructions from the engineer, I requested somewhat of an outline based on my issue..

So, I believe that things are coming together...

Now to get ready...
....based on some comments already about how to fix my pool;
If I drain the pool to half full, what to do with approx. 10,000 gals of water...
I would prefer not to just dump it because it is somewhat treated already for the pool with chlorine..

Also since I have to loosen all of the bolts holding the top ledges on ( so I can re-center them over that section of pool wall and/or replace them, I thought of using a 100 plus foot cinch strap around the top to pull in the top of the wall inward. I suspect that I will not have to many helpers..who knows..

any suggestions? any alternate suggestions...
any been there’s; done that; bad ideas...come to mind?

any help would be great...Thanks

Jun 25, 2014
Broken Top Rail (Ledge)
by: Art

Now I need to figure out what to do to get ready for the ledge replace/adjustment day…

I read this Replacing a Top Rail,

Now that I have read this post, I also thinks that I had about 1 inch expansion, so where did the extra metal come from to allow for this expansion?
Are the wrinkles from the side wall, at the top, now flatter? Is my pool now bigger in diameter at the top than at half way down the side? When I push the top inward, to attach the top ledges will I have a buckle between the vertical post due to the metal expansion?

However, I think the same as the other post, the stress will return when the pool is full and the replacement part will break as well. What to do...
Sill thinking this one over..

Anyway, I too am lowering the water in the pool to make it easier and safer (I Hope).
How much? Some say a foot or two is enough, others say half the pool. I guess it depends on how much help you’ll have, if 2-3 helpers are there lower the water 1-2 feet, if by yourself, then half the pool? Sounds like a good rule of thumb.

Who knows?

I contacted the manufacturer of my pool to obtain replacement parts and obtain instructions.
This is what I was given;

1. Remove all the seat caps (resin covers over corners) on the pool.
2. Remove all the ledges (20 of them) on the pool by unscrewing the two bolts on each end (4 per ledge).
"This is where I get concerned…

I've been told that the pool wall can withstand the pressure of the water and if everything is level, the pool will stand on it's own and not be affected by the top ledges being removed..."

3. With a level, make sure all the uprights (posts) are plumbed (vertical).
4. Reinstall the ledges on the top plates, by centering them in between the two posts, you can lay them all up all around the pool, without screwing them in, the gap in between the ledges should all be almost equal all around + or – ¼’’.
5. Once you are satisfied, you can start screwing them back in.
6. Replace the top caps.

still thinking this over..

Steph of (Canada), when you do yours, please post how you did it and the outcome...take some photos as well..

Thanks Art

Hi Art

Interesting question about where does the extra wall come from. It does not grow, or get bigger, the pool just shifts causing the top rail to come loose. And yes, if you drain a little water out of the pool, install a new rail, and refill, you will have the same result. You need to fix something.

I suggested reinforcing the rail to prevent it from happening again. I also recommend re-spacing all the rails, just like their instructions said. What they left out was where to put the screws. Many times with the uprights straight up and down, and with equal spacing between all your top rails, there are no holes to put the screws into. Sometimes you have to get out the self tapping screws and make your own holes

Bottom line is something was not quite perfect with the pool. You have to make changes somewhere, or it will happen again. It's not hard, or rocket science, but something needs to be different before you install the new top rail.

Jun 25, 2014
Another contact at Trevi
by: Art

From this post;

Cornelius Pool Parts

Cornelius Pool parts
by: Sandrine

I am working for Trevi in Canada (Quebec).
We bought the company called Cornelius.
We have a departement that can help us.
You can call Philippe Lambert at 450-973-1249 or 514-22TREVI ext. 2913.
He will help you find these product and I can confirm we have these in stock.

Sandrine Monmart
Buyer for Trevi Fabrication

Mar 25, 2015
Looks Like My Pool
by: Kathy

I have the same problem with my pool. I need replacement rails for the top and also a few seat caps. I did not know where to locate them but with the info on Trevi I will email them tonight. Has this problem with your pool been resolved?

Mar 31, 2015
Yes they were very helpful
by: Art

Marilyn Staneff
US Sales Manager
Trevi Manufacturing - Cornelius
Tel: 450-973-1249
Fax: 450-973-8200
Mobile: 905-980-0095


Murielle Pitre
Service Pièces & Garanties Hors Terre
Parts & Service Warranty Above Ground
Tel.: 450 973-1249 poste 2913 / 1-888-777-0447 ext 2913
Fax : 450 973-8200 /

They prorated my parts that were still under warranty and got me in contact with the engineer who provided me with suggestions of what to do to fix my pool..

As of last fall my pool was fixed...However we have had a hard winter were temps stayed below freezing for weeks at a time..have not removed cover for this year...waiting for the pollen to fall..but I have peeked and it looks good so far..

Oh yeh they are on the east cost time zone..

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