Bugs in Pool

by Lori Letson
(Toney, Alabama )

Our pool has been up for about a month, right now the only time we can enjoy the pool is at night because we have little bugs that look like baby bees that stay on top of the water and they bite. What can we do?

Hi Lori

Having never had your problem I may not be of much help. There is a comment button on this page and I hope that one of my readers may have had this situation and found a cure for it.

I would run the filter during the day in hopes that the skimmer would keep the bugs to a minimum. I would then have a hand held leaf net by the pool at all times. The leaf skimmer was mandatory at my pool because every bug that would enter the pool while my kids were in it had to be immediately removed.

There are of course pool domes, a little more extreme, but effective.

Above Ground Pool Dome

bees in pool

by: Joey

I also have, what looks like, baby bees in my pool and it has become quite aggravating to say the least because they sting. I, too, am looking for a solution. If anyone finds a solution, please email me @ cfrjohio@aol.com Thanks

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Bugs in Pool

by Amy
(Westminster, MD)

I have a 15 x 30 above ground pool. The bottom looks completely clean. However, when I vacuum it using my pool blaster vacuum with the sand and silt bag attached, there are these tiny orangish/brownish bugs in the vacuum bag. They crawl around and look like they have tiny legs. They are very hard to see and wouldn't be noticed if I hadn't inspected the bag after vacuuming. What could they be and how can I get rid of them?

Hi Amy

They sound like what we call water bugs. I have seen them come out of a garden hose into a brand new pool as we were filling it.

A super shock of chlorine or shock treatment should kill them, at least for a short time. I have no idea where they come from or how they can live in chlorinated water, but they do.

If any one has any good ideas for this problem, let us know.

Answer to bugs

by: Amy

Actually found out these bugs are called Thrips. They are blowing into my pool from a nearby chestnut tree. They love the water. They don't bite in the water but when they mature, they can fly and then they do bite - but no more than a mosquito.

Water Bug Help

by: Anonymous

Hi, we have the same issues only ours tend to want to hang around the sides of our pool. Each time we scoop them out they keep returning. I would try shocking the pool with chlorine if that doesn't work try over chlorinating your pool. If this works than great if not put try cleaning your pool bottom everyday and scoop out all the bugs you can. Our water bugs are flat, have legs, but they do not have wings. They can also bite hard so be cautioned when you are in your pool. These bugs can grow at a rapid pace so you must keep on them and keep the cleaned out the best you can. Please do note to not swim for a couple hours after you shock it. For every 1 bag allow 2 hours for it. This way it will not be harmful toward humans. If you don't want to buy the Shock product then you can get Clorox and use that whole bottle. While Clorox is cheaper Shocking your pool will work much better. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Bugs still there

by: Amy

I don't think they are water bugs. You can't see them unless you really look in the pool vacuum bag. They are orange and almost look like a crawling piece of dental floss. I shocked the pool to a chlorine level above 10 ppm, added a large dose of algaecide and they are still in the pool and alive. Can you give me any other suggestions? Thanks.


Possibly running the filter more hours a day might help.

Comments for Bugs in Pool

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May 25, 2018
Did you find out what they are?
by: Anonymous

Amy did you find out what these tiny orange bugs are? I’m having the same issue!

Jun 02, 2018
tiny bugs on/in pool
by: Anonymous

I think they are thrips. But haven't been able to get rid of yet. Seems to be common on the blue and white frame pools. Still searching for answer. Seems to be periods of time in summer where they disappear, but bad right now.

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