Buttress Eroded

by Chris
(Tuckerton NJ)

I have an above ground 15x30 pool. One week ago one the Buttress raised out of the ground thus, lifting the post and cap etc. above. To keep the level I sawed off the top of the post and put the cap back on. Today, the one next to it did the same thing but only about 2 inches. Is my pool going to collapse? How could I fix it? Thanks

Hi Chris

I would take this very seriously. Examine the situation very closely and decide if you think the pool is safe.

From what I have heard I would drain ASAP and make repairs. But I have not seen photos and I am not there.

Consider the liner when draining the pool, if that is what you decide. Draining the liner dry will probably ruin it. It will shrink and not refill.

A lot of repairs can be made with six inches of water left in the pool. Even if it takes a person inside the pool holding the liner back away from the edge.

If the liner is ready to be replaced, drain the pool, make all necessary repairs and install a new liner. That is the easiest way to do it, but not always the option you want to go with, expense wise.

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Jun 10, 2013
Side Wall post pulled up from metal strap
by: Joe

Not sure brand of pool but it's a 18x33 above ground looks probably 15 years old. 2 side posts on the side posts have rusted and both posts are rising up pull the side rails upwards. I drove a few stakes in the ground after draining the pool, filled it again and they rose again but not as bad. Stakes are holding a bit. There are braces at 45 degree angle with a metal strap buried in the ground that attach to bottom of side post, this is where they rusted and unattached. Since I filled the pool a second time is there a solution to get me thru the summer that's safe?

Hi Joe

There are probably a lot of things you can do do make the pool safe. If the pool has a broken strap you could add 8 x 8 x 16 inch blocks behind each brace channel. Concrete those blocks in place and the pool will not push out anymore.

If the posts are rusting away from the connecting bracket to the bottom channel add some steel gussets. Attach steel plates that will hold the posts firmly to the channels.

When an oval pool starts to go it become very important to examine all the parts. Pull some dirt away from the braces, front and rear, check them all out. Add gussets and extra support where needed. It is very possible to make an old oval pool save, you just need to be creative and a little proactive.

Jul 29, 2019
pool buttress straps broken
by: mike

Hi, I have a 15x30 oval pool and the straps that run under the pool from buttress to buttress rusted and broke, The pool is now leaning on one side and actually pushed the deck away from the pool. is there a way to repair this and strengthen the pool or do I have to replace the pool. I read something about putting 2 blocks under each buttress but I'm not sure how to do that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This might help. Above Ground Pool Directions

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