Century Above Ground Pool

by Kathleen

I'm torn between buying an 18 x 52 verse a 24 x 52 Century above ground pool. We have the room, just wondering if I'd be happy with the 18'? The dealer tells me the 1 hp pump will do really good with the 18' and will do fine with the 24'. I think I'm getting a pretty good deal--$2145 for 18' versus $2460 for the 24'. The pool is mainly for pleasure-- however I personally like to do some (small) laps and exercises. I need to make a decision very soon.

Has anyone bought an 18' only regretting not going slightly larger? Any thoughts or opinions?

Hi Kathleen. First off yes, the 1 HP pump should be just fine for either pool. The prices look good also. If you do plan on swimming laps I would lean towards the 24'. I have had both sizes and can say there is not much swimming going on in an 18'. Unless you are like my brother in law who used to swim around his 15' in a circle. Not sure how he did it, but he did. And he was a big boy. An 18' is, however, excellent for splashing and floating and just plain having fun. With a 24' you will get three good strokes in before hitting the other side. This is the smallest size pool I would consider for any kind of serious swimming.

My page about choosing the right size pool might help also.

The Right Pool Size

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Mar 26, 2011
thanks for feedback
by: Anonymous

awesome, thanks for the feedback. hey don't knock the 'swimming 'round and 'round a 15' pool, I've done it too!:)- ok, not for long, its not easy, lol.

I've seen a 24' setup at the store--it just looked huge, which I think I would love--but just seems silly for out here in the country. I am the only one mainly using the pool (my husband doesn't like pools!) and an occasional party w/ friends. My kids are grown--but I'm sure they'd come around now and then.

For the life of me, I've been unable to find an 18' size pool set up to actually look at--I've only seen the 24'. I think it would help to get a "visual". ah well.

Hi. The visual in the store is not always the best one to get. An 18' set up in a store can look huge, where in a big backyard it can be tiny.

The best way to get a good visual is to lay it out in your yard. Stick a tape measure in the ground and come out 9'. Now lay a garden hose in a circle at that 9' mark in a circle. Do the same thing at 12' and you will have a good idea how these pools will look in your yard.

Mar 26, 2011
18' vs 24' with chemicals
by: Kathleen

well I went and measured in our yard the difference between an 18' and 24' with measuring tape and sticks per dealers suggestion to get an idea of the differences...woola, the 24' sure is big--I've seen the 24' at their storeroom--seemed like miles across the pool! Then I got to thinking ...how much more expensive would this pool be for chemicals?? I forgot that part. I do have to watch costs..so I'm thinking not only is the 18' less expensive, but I'm sure less expense on chemicals as well. I'm also concerned about upkeep for the 24' footer--can one person (me!) handle the cleaning of a mile wide pool like that?? Thanks!

Yes, the 18' will be cheaper to buy and to maintain. I see you already were given my idea to mark it out in your yard. Glad that worked.

Mar 26, 2011
other stuff
by: kathleen

oh forgot to ask, there must be a ground fault plug in for the pump, correct? Last year my husband did say that with my 15' x 48' Intex, it must have a ground fault. If this is true, I have only one area to put my new pool, which is by our morton bldg--it has the ground fault. It's just crowded there-would like another area. (We have 5 acres.) How can I tell the ground fault from regular plug ins? (If our garage has a ground fault, pool could be installed south of our garage-big open area-and a cute outhouse nearby!)

one more: the contracting for putting up an 18' foot is $800---for the 24', it is $1050. This includes leveling ground within 6 inches, and complete installation, setting up pump, filling it, etc. Kinda worth I think.

Hi. That price is a little steep by my prices but I'm sure it depends on the area and the competition. The best way to get a ground fault to your pool is to run a dedicated line off your circuit breaker. This costs a little more but is actually the correct way to do it.

Mar 26, 2011
didn't see comments! sorry!
by: Kathleen

wow I didn't see your comments till just now! I was a little frustrated earlier today that my email notification said I had comments, but I sure couldn't find them. So I kept sending questions, lol. I just now saw your suggestion about measuring 9'. I will try your suggestion too. thanks for the help!! yes I got the measuring suggestion from the dealer -it worked okay.

Thanks for the info on Ground fault. After I wrote that, my husband said there is one in our garage--yea:). So upkeep on a 24' would be more challenging? I'd have to ask myself if I can handle it. I would like to keep a cover on it each night too--I suppose tricky on big pools?

I hope to reach a decision by Monday-yikes. I certainly don't want to be unhappy in my purchase--I want it for 10+ or more years!

So you think that installation price is high? wow-I kinda thought so too-but I have nothing to compare it too. I'm at the dealers mercy, I don't know anyone with pool knowledge here. Do you have any contacts in the Wichita Kansas area? I'd welcome any suggestions! I'm 30 miles north of Wichita. Love this website, thanks.

P.S. It would be nice if there was a time on these comments as well as the date:):).

Hi. The best way to find installers is to check with all the pool stores in your area, and possibly Craigslist. Some may advertise in local newspapers as well.

Apr 04, 2011
by: Kathleen

I decided on the 24' above ground pool (Century)-feels better making a decision. (then later panic attacks hoping I did the right thing, lol).

The going price for installers appears to be right around $1,000 for a 24'. If this is the case, that's fine; it will be worth having the ground prepared and pool completely setup.

Thanks for your help and this informative website. I'm sure I'll be referring to this site for further ideas and suggestions throughout the summer!

Good choice, Kathleen, enjoy the pool.

Apr 07, 2011
by: Kathleen

I donated my $35 2 days ago, it has processed through my bank--I have yet to hear from anyone! or receive your email. This is what it says I will receive for my donation: "A one time fee gives you special access to an email address where you will receive top rate attention. You will become my customer, and therefore, own a piece of me. Access to my knowledge will be unlimited and I will answer every email you send me. I will look at your photos and advise you on all aspects of you above ground pool installation". Please advise??

Hi Kathleen, I sent you an email the other day, I will do it again just to be sure you have it. I look forward to working with you on your pool installation.

Apr 07, 2011
pool installers
by: Kathleen

My brother-in-law came unglued at the $1200 price an installer quoted me--he added "and you have still buy the sand??" So he thinks we can do this ourselves--he can rent a backhoe or skid loader, ask for instructions to the pool, and I'll refer to this site--I hope I hear from you personally via email when we begin..in case we run into trouble! thx

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