Doughboy Pool Liner To Small

by Pooless Summer
(Long Island, New York)

I have an oval Doughboy above ground pool. I decided to replace my own liner using an overlap liner.

At first there was only 1 inch overlap and I started filling it, it would not stay on. I managed to stretch it out to have about a 4 inch overlap. Still does not stay on. When I managed to keep it on, one of the walls started buckling so bad I got worried.

I have emptied out my pool 5 times in the matter of 2 days. It has been hot out. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Could it be a defect?

I have reinstalled 5 times and try to get the seam in right and every time it just slips off as it fills. Could it be that the liner is defected? I have a semi-in-ground doughboy with a deck around it. I need help because right now it seems as if I am out of 150.00 and a pooless summer.


Doughboy pool liners are typically on the small side. They need to be stretched into place, then they fit perfectly and are the best liners made.

My guess is you are not able to stretch the liner into place, and if so, it will be more difficult. Stretching the liner into place is pretty well illustrated on this page, and the same method is used for flat bottom pools.

Expandable Liner Installation

Having a deck around part of the pool probably prevents you from doing this. If that is the case then you have to make the best use of the sun. Start working on the liner when most of the pool is in direct sunlight. Once the liner is perfectly aligned and pinned to the wall with a few inches of overlap you start the water. As the water starts to fill you need to be on your hands and knees pushing the bottom flat, and stretching it, in all directions evenly. You want to work as much vinyl as possible to the outer edge of the pool.

When the water is a couple of inches from the wall you want to pull the liner up snug, fold the overlap under, and cloths pin it in place while someone comes behind installing the coping. Be sure to use this page for overlap instructions.

Vinyl Liner Overhang

By pulling the liner up when it is just a couple of inches from the wall you will be allowing the sides to stretch tight as the liner fills. This should not be so much stretch as to pull the wall down, it should be just right.

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Jul 04, 2011
by: Pooless Summer

Its a Doughboy pool but we are using a non Doughboy overlap liner. What is happening is that there is air between the liner and the wall of the pool. We are filling it up but as it fills the pressure builds and the liner comes off on one side of the pool. We used the shop vac to suck the air out from between the liner and the wall but it doesn't have enough strength to suck the air out from the other side of the pool. Right now we are filling and readjusting the overlap as it fills. But we fear that the air will just make the liner come off the pool again. We are beginning to think that the liner is not good. The width overlap is great is the length overlap that is the problem. Right now there is about 1 foot of water in it. What do we do???? We have been working on this for 3 days.


Make sure you are filling the pool in direct sunlight. The liner should stretch. The air behind the liner should not make any difference, this goes away as the liner fills.

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