Doughboy Round 24' Needs New Liner

by Jeff
(Middlesex Co NJ)

I have a 24' round Doughboy pool and it needs a new liner. I'm thinking of buying a Doughboy expandable liner because it sounds like that liner would have the least number of wrinkles.

Because of the high price of that liner (about $1,000) I'm contemplating trying to install the liner myself, with the help of my family. I have the instruction sheet from the original Doughboy installation and I intend to try using their instructions.

Am I nuts for trying to save some Dough by trying to install the Dough myself? Will I be successful or will I regret not getting a pro to do it? I am somewhat handy.

Hi Jeff.

If you are somewhat handy you should be just fine. I would suggest looking at the photos on this site to go along with the Doughboy instructions, between the two you should be just fine.

You did not say whether your pool has a deep area or not. If not, I would use the Doughboy UD liner. The plane blue, 20 mil, Uniform Depth liner from Doughboy is my all time favorite liner. It will save you money, it will go in just as nice and will last just as long.

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Jun 10, 2010
reply to reply
by: Jeff

The pool has a 7' deep area on one side of the pool (about a foot shallow area around the side). I was going to go with the DB solid blue expandable liner. I have a 25 mil in there now; is it ok to go with the 20 mil now- do you know if I will get more years of use out of the liner to get the heavier one (is it worth the extra money?)


I have never seen evidence where the 25 mil lasts longer than the 20 mil. I would go with the 20.

Jun 27, 2010
Large divot in newly installed liner
by: Anonymous

We just had a new 18X30 pool installed and today went in for the first time. There is a large divot at the wall under the skimmer (about 8" deep and 20" in diameter) We have had three pools through the years and never encountered this problem. What possibly could have caused this?

Thank you for any advice you can give us.



That sounds like a major leak of some sort, possibly a bad seam. I would check the liner out very closely in that area and see if there is any damage.

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