Expandable Liner in Inground Doughboy

by Tony

I am interested in putting an expandable liner, with a deep end, in a new Intrigue which I am putting in ground. Is this possible, the pool store is recommending the beaded saying that if the expandable ever needs to be replaced they would need to dig out some of the pool. Would that be the only way to replace an expandable liner?

Hi Tony.

To get a beaded liner to properly fit a deep end pool is next to impossible. With a beaded liner they are made to fit an exact size, slope and depth. You either have to dig the deep area, take precise measurements, and have one custom made, or order a standard size and dig your hole exactly as the instructions say. There is very little leeway and if not done correctly you wind up with a lot of wrinkles.

A Doughboy expandable liner can be installed wrinkle free most every time. Especially if you do it like this:

Expandable Liner Installation

To do this does require some of the pool to be out of the ground. To me that's not a problem, because I always recommend leaving at least a foot of the pool out of the ground. I recommend a foot but six inches is a minimum. The water level should never be lower than the dirt backfilled around the pool. By leaving a foot out of the ground you can let the water get a little low without worrying about a cave in.

I see no advantage with using a beaded liner for a deep end application. The only time I would use a beaded liner is when there is a deck planned. I would do this with a flat bottom, not a deep end.

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Jun 25, 2011
by: Tony

Thanks for you help, I am a little nervous burying this, but the installer which is also the pool store is telling me they are using the Doughboy method using a slurry and I should have no problems. What are your thoughts on that and how long could I reasonably expect this type of installation to last.


There is nothing wrong with the slurry method and you could reasonably expect the pool to last fifteen years or better.

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