Footprints Under Liner Problem

by Renee

Pool level with ground and the deck is attached to the house.

Pool level with ground and the deck is attached to the house.

We currently have a sand base and it has a million footprints and is impossible to get clean w/ all the grooves. So, we are redoing the pool.

The first time around we put an overlap liner in from the inside b/c the pool has a deck all the way around it at ground level. This time we ordered a new j-hook or unibead liner, pool cove, and wall foam. (we are hoping we can put this liner in from the outside???) Have no idea if we will be able to. But we really don't want footprints again.

We want to do the base so we can reduce the chance of footprints in case we do have to get in the pool. It would be almost impossible to get the sand out. So we are looking at putting the foam board on top of the sand. Is this going to work? Or do you have a better suggestion? Can you walk us through the process?

Also, can you recommend a really good automatic pool vacuum? It is a 27ft round pool that is 52" deep.

Hi Renee.

I would plan on installing the new beaded liner from inside the pool. It's a lot easier that way and you would probably get a much better job. If you do the base correctly you should not have the footprint problem you have now.

The weight of the water over the years tends to pack the sand down and makes it easy to work with. I would knock down the cove and then

broom the entire base until it was perfectly flat and smooth. This base, if it seemed a little loose, could then be watered and packed.

I would then install 1" thick 4x8 styrofoam sheets wall to wall. This takes some work to get it all fitted into place, as tight to the wall as possible. I go so far as to pack all the loose pieces into the cracks around the outer edge. I use duct tape over all the seams as I am installing the sheets. When you are finished the area should then be vacuumed, making it as clean as possible.

If you can install this foam base without completely messing up your sand base, installing the liner from inside the pool will not be a problem. If you can't get the foam down smooth, some of the sand might need to be removed, or packed a little better, but this is unlikely.

Your preformed pool cove should then be installed over top of the foam. Using the cove with the sticky back is best for this application. I prefer using the type that snaps into the track, but not when I'm installing on top of foam, as the track has been covered.

The reason for going over top of the foam with the cove is that you will be covering all the rough edges. Cutting the foam to fit the cove is nearly impossible. It is amazing what shows through the liner once you get thousands of pounds of water in the pool. Your foam base should be as smooth as possible.

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