Trees Near Pool

by Lisa

We are putting in an above ground pool and were wondering how close to trees can we place the pool?

Hi Lisa.

Trees can cause problems with above ground pools so you are best putting the pool as far away from them as possible. The damage does not happen immediately but over the years it's very possible to see roots growing under your liner. They push the liner up and make the bottom a little lumpy. Since they grow horizontally they do not usually puncture the liner and as long as you vacuum very carefully you can usually live with them for a few years. So every liner change you would need to do a major root removal and then install a new base. I have many customers in this situation.

Any time I am installing a pool closer to trees than I would like to see I use several layers of black plastic under the sand. This tends to keep the roots out of the pool for a longer period of time and ads an extra protection for the liner.

If you poured a concrete slab for the pool you could put it as close to the trees as possible. The biggest pests of above ground pools are nut grass, tree roots and gophers. Concrete is the cure for all of those liner killers.

When installing a pool on concrete be sure to use the preformed pool cove and pool pad.

Above Ground Pool Preformed Pool Cove

There are other ways to prepare the ground when you suspect trees might be a problem. Using old carpeting as a liner cushion puts a nice barrier between the liner and tree roots. Plywood would do the job also. You might check with your local hardware stores, lumber yards and carpet outlets, see what you can find in the way of damaged material that you could buy for pennies on the dollar.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping

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Liner Tray

by Kathy
(Lecanto, Fl.)

We will be replacing the liner in our 15'above ground pool , we were told there is a tray sort of thing you can purchase to place under the liner, after we redo the ground for the new liner. We have bamboo in the yard, wild, and it comes up through the liner, and yes, makes holes in it. YUP LEAKS!!!!

I don't know what the trays are called or where to get them or cost... but sounds like a great idea to us. Any ideas where we might find them if you don't have them?

Maybe you have other ideas on this problem. I am sure others have this same problem.... Thanks for your help, have a great day, Kathy

Hi Kathy.

I have never heard of a liner tray. I have, however, heard of many ways of keeping stuff from growing through the liner.

Gorilla pad is supposed to be pretty good at that. It can go above, or below, the sand base. Sheets of 1" foam over top of the sand would create a good barrier, and a nice soft bottom.

I have seen people resort to pouring a concrete slab to keep stuff out of the pool, but that is kind of a last resort.

You might be just fine with laying a few layers of heavy black plastic down and covering it with a little more sand.

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