Installing Pool On Concrete

by Steven
(Bronx, NY)

Can I have a pool installed on concrete? If so, what Type of pool? An Intex or regular steel wall pool?

Also, if I can install on concrete how can I make that area level? There is a slight pitch there for drainage.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve.

An Intex Pool would install nicely on concrete, all you would need would be a pool pad of some sort to set it on. The only problem is that there is no way I can think of to level the area.

Installing a standard steel wall above ground pool on un-level concrete, however, is pretty easy. Once the bottom rail and footplates are assembled roofing shingles can be placed under the track as levelers. It's best to use a transit while doing this so that the pool turns out perfectly level.

The shingles allow you to raise and lower the bottom rail gradually simply by adding and removing the layers of shingle used. I recommend leaving enough shingle on the inside of the pool to support the preformed pool cove you should be using.

Using preformed pool cove and a pool pad when installing a vinyl lined pool on concrete is highly recommended. If the level is not to far off this would work fine. If you are talking inches off, you might consider bringing in sand for the pool base. Doing this would allow you to level the interior of the pool as well as the outer rim. It's the outer rim that's critical, but the liner will install better if the pool base is level also.

Pool Cove and Foam Pads

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Sep 22, 2015
What are the best metal frame models for installation on concrete?
by: Heike


I am thinking of buying an above ground round pool but not sure what make/model is the best. I've learned that some metal frame pools need to be fixed in the ground so they might not be good to put on a concrete base.

Hi If you stick with a round pool any of them will work just fine. It's the oval pools you run into trouble with.

Jul 11, 2016
Above ground pool on concrete
by: Robin

I have a concrete slab that is about 8 inches off level from one side to the other. I installed stone dust and leveled. Put rocks around perimeter. Will this hold up ? Also, should I use patio blocks under uprights ? Live in NH.

Hi Robin It should be fine and yes, I would use blocks.

Jun 30, 2017
How to install and Intext pool on unleveled concrete
by: Vanessa

Hi, I bought an Intex rectangular pool, 18x9x52, I have a concrete backyard and it's a bit unleveled, am not sure how to level out the pool, suggestions please!

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Above Ground Pool On Concrete

by Maureen
(Long Island NY)

Can I put an above ground pool in my driveway. I have a huge tree and would have to dig out all the roots to level.

It would be easier to put the pool in the driveway. It would get more sun there too.

Hi Maureen.

In most cases its fine to install an above ground pool on concrete. When doing so I strongly recommend using the preformed pool cove and the pool pad. They make for a very nice installation.

Above Ground Pool Preformed Pool Cove

The only problem you might encounter installing you pool on concrete is leveling. It really helps if your concrete is level. If its not, the pool still needs to be. I have found that roofing shingles work great for leveling the pool framework when the concrete is not level. The lower the slope goes, the higher you stack the shingles. This way you can gradually raise the bottom track as needed.

If the slope is more than an inch or so, I would recommend using sand for the base instead of the pool pad. With sand you can add more to the low side. This helps to level the entire base of the pool, not just the outer rail.

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Apr 08, 2015
14 x42 pro series metal frame pool
by: need help

Is it safe to install this pool on unlevel concrete using 2x4 frame and sand to level it?

Hi You will want something solid under the feet, but aside from that you should be fine.

Jun 24, 2016
leveling a pool without a metal frame
by: Katrina

What if the above ground pool that I am installing on concrete is not a metal framed pool? I'm just getting a small pool and putting it on an existing concrete slab.

Hi Katrina you should be just fine installing directly on the slab.

Feb 20, 2017
softside on cememt
by: Sue

Will I need pool cove with a 16 X 32 softside pool on concrete? It is level within 1/4 inch.

Hi Sue Soft sided pools do not need the pool cove.

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Unlevel Concrete Pool Location

by Mary
(Tallahassee, FL)

We are placing a 15' x 4' round pool on the "U" of our u-shaped concrete driveway. The location does have an 8" slope. How do you recommend we level the area? Thank you.

Hi Mary.

We used to set up display pools in an outdoor parking lot that was very un-level. We used a combination of patio blocks and roofing shingles to level the pool frame. We would use a many patio blocks as needed to raise the level to just under what it needed to be. We would then use the shingles to fine tune the level to perfection. All the blocks and shingles were placed tight against each other so they would form a solid wall and hold the sand inside the pool.

Inside the pool we used a whole bunch of sand. The low area would take a lot of sand to bring it up to grade with the high side. When we were done the inside was as level as the outside.

These were display pools and were never swam in so footprints were not an issue. That much sand in a pool will leave a lot of prints, making cleaning difficult. For a working pool I would use dirt for most of the inside leveling with just a small layer of sand over top for smoothing. Properly done this would pack well and smooth out nice.

If you are talking about a frame pool it would be a different story. I would build a wood frame out of 2" x 10" lumber. I would level dirt inside of this area and set the pool on that.

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Concrete Pad Cracked Under Pool

by Bill
(Manitoba, Canada)

I bought a house with an existing 24 foot Diameter above ground pool with a concrete pad. The pad may be poorly reinforced and is developing significant cracks that are easily felt, and a couple of places the liner has been repaired and needs to be replaced, significant leakage.

I was thinking of filling any cracks with sand, and using foam insulation on top before putting in the new liner. Do you think the foam insulation idea will work as opposed to ripping up the concrete pad?

Hi Bill.

I think your idea is fine. You do want to fill in the cracks and you do want to put something over the concrete. If you don't have it already you should use the preformed pool cove.

Above Ground Pool Preformed Pool Cove

There are foam pool pads you can use and there are also the 4 x 8 sheets of foam. A 1" or an inch and a half thick foam base would be ideal over your concrete. The preformed pool cove could then go on top of the foam.

The cove is made a couple of different ways. For use over top of foam sheets you want the sticky back foam. The other type is for snapping into the bottom rail, not what you want for this application.

For most concrete installation a thin pool pad or Gorilla pad type material works fine. So does indoor/outdoor carpet or carpet felt. You situation sounds like it may need the added protection the foam sheets have to offer.

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Installing An Above Ground Pool On Concrete

by James Kirk
(Austin TX)

I am installing a 27 foot pool on a thick concrete pad. My husband ordered a gorilla pad for the bottom to sit on the concrete. Will this be enough or does he have to add foam or another kind of padding? He does not want to use sand.

Hi James.

It depends on how rough the concrete is as to whether the Gorilla pad will be enough or not. The pad is thin, as they all are, but would work just fine over smooth concrete. I have used indoor/outdoor carpet, foam pool pads, carpet felt and Styrofoam sheets under above ground pools on concrete, all with good results.

Be sure to order the preformed pool cove to go with the Gorilla pad. This makes an ideal combination. You have to have a cove and these are ideal. Otherwise you have to bring in something like sand, dirt or peat moss. All of these things could wash out if you decide to hose the concrete around the pool, or if it is in an area that gets heavy rains.

If your concrete has the expansion joints, or any cracks, it is a good idea to fill them in with caulking before installing the pool. Most anything will show through the pad, especially expansion joints. Make the entire area as smooth as possible.

When the pool is up, and before the pad goes down, give the concrete a good vacuuming just to be sure it is hospital clean. It is so disappointing to get into your pool for the first time and stub your toe on a sharp object on the bottom of the pool, one you never noticed until your toe found it.

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Sep 07, 2015
Istalling an oval pool on a concrete pad
by: Randy

How hard is it to install an oval pool on a concrete pad? The instructions say to dig trenches? That will be hard to do! What is your recommendation?

Hi You have several options. You can saw cut your trenches. You can get one of the models that will lie flat on the concrete, and there are a few. You can frame the entire area and fill it with dirt. Or you could just go the easy route and get a round pool.

Jun 17, 2016
concrete bottom for existing above ground pool
by: russellAnonymous

Can I pour a 3 inch slab of concrete inside of an existing above ground pool? We are having a lot of crawdad problems and I don't want to change liners every 3 years.

Hi You are better off setting the entire pool on your three inch slab, but I am pretty sure either way would work.

Jun 06, 2017
Above ground oval on concrete
by: Karen

HELP! I ordered an oval above ground pool specifically to install in a detached garage (6in concrete pad)What's the best way to install it so that everything is anchored & supported. I obviously don't want to dig up my concrete for the support bands. Can I just build a wood frame & fill with sand? Will that be enough support?

Hi Yes, you could fill the area but don't fill it with sand. Fill in with dirt or crushed granite, something that will pack solid. Add the sand only as a cushion for the liner.

Jun 10, 2021
Intex pool 24' x 12" x 52"
by: Anonymous

I will like to set pool on by backyard concrete with a 5 inch slope. Any suggestions?

Hi Build a wood frame, fill with level dirt and add a small layer of sand as a base for the liner.

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