Prevent Wind Damage To Wall

by Gerry
(Thomson, GA)

Starting Base For Pool

Starting Base For Pool

Starting Base For Pool Working On Base Leveling The Pool Ground Bottom Rails Leveled

I am building a 27' resin 54" wall above ground pool by myself. I have leveled the surface, installed the pads under the uprights, placed and centered the pads and bottom rails. The bottom rails are anchored with tent stakes.

I am installing a 1" foam sheet floor. I think it will be 5 days from installing the wall in the bottom track to begin filling the pool. I have some 6' metal fence posts I could use for bracing.

How can I brace the wall to prevent wind damage? How should the wall be attached to the braces? Should the foam floor be installed before or after the wall is installed? Should the liner be installed before or after the top rails?

Thanks in Advance.


PS - I love the information on your site.

Hi Gerry The way I support the wall is by building structure at the same time I am installing it. I never leave more than a few feet of wall at a time that is not supported by some type of structure.

I stretch my liners in over top of the framework so it is not wasting time building it as I install the wall.

I would install the wall and build the frame before doing anything on the inside. With everything secure it is then time to get inside the pool and do a final level on the ground and install the foam.

Looks like you are off to a great start.

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Installing a 24ft Round Pool

I have received a 24ft round pool recently and my husband and I are trying to figure out how to install it. The ground is level, we have placed blocks for the supports, had all the support legs and wall up and then had a gust of wind knock out part of it from the bottom rail...needless to say my husband is becoming quite frustrated since we have never done this before.

My question is, we took this pool apart in 2 hours from the prior location now how do we put it back together so it does not collapse again on us??? Any advice would sure be appreciated.

Hi. This page might help. Above Ground Pool Liner Installation And this one might help also. Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

My secret is to never let the wall be unsupported by the pool framework. Most of the time this means the uprights and top rails go on as I am installing the wall. No more than three sections of wall are ever up without support. With my arms spread wide I can control three sections and keep it from falling down. When I am working with my crew I unroll the wall and put it into the bottom rail while my crew assembles the pool behind me.

Some pools do not have top rails and top connectors that are suitable for stretching a liner over and we choose to use the metal retaining rods instead. We so the same thing with the rods as we do with the pool frame. They go on and get securely taped into place as the wall is going up.

When the liner has water in it and it is time to set it in place, again, we only do a few sections at a time. Never are there more than a few sections of pool wall unprotected by either metal retaining rods or uprights and top rails.

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