Pool Walls Moving

by Caroline
(Toronto, Canada)

We just had a new NBS 16x26 above ground pool installed. I have noticed that at one end when the kids are making a lot of waves in the pool, the wall seems to be moving (including the top portion where the ledge & caps are).

It doesn't seem to happen at any other location in the pool and I did not notice it before today. Is this normal or should I be concerned that the pool is going to collapsed. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Caroline.

I'm not sure about the pool collapsing, probably not, but it does sound like you have a problem. It might be as simple as loose screws in the pool assembly at or near that area. These could be easily checked before doing anything else.

A more probably cause is the pool being either slightly our of level or slightly our of round in one spot. One high, or low, spot in the pool will cause this type of problem. Oval pools need to be straight down the sides and round at the ends. All four transitions need to be exactly the same. This is one of the biggest problems most people have with installing an oval pool. The transitions are the rails going from the sides into the round ends and they all have to be the same.

The shape of the pool can be checked visually and the level can be done with a tape measure. Measure from the water to the top rail in many different spots around the pool, your measurements should all be the same.

kids playing in an above ground pool

We all know how rowdy kids can be in the pool. The thing is the wall should flex evenly, not just in one area.

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Kids Making Big Waves With Tubes

by Judy
(Fenton, Missouri)

When my grandkids play with inner tubes in our 24 ft. round pool the waves get so big and it seems as if the sides of the pool move in and out with the waves. Is this safe? This will be our 3rd summer with the pool & I am tired of being a spoil sport if there is no danger of collapse or damage to the pool.

Hi Judy.

If the kids are playing in a good quality, well constructed, pool there should be no way they could be doing any damage.

A pool that is six inches off level could decide to give way with this much activity going on inside of it.

A poorly constructed cheap pool could also give way.

An older pool with rust issues might have a problem under these circumstances.

I have never had to worry about my kids, and their friends, having as much fun as possible in our pools. Yes, the wall may move a bit, but this is normal.

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Slight Creaking Noise



We purchased our home in November and it came with a large oval Doughboy pool. We know very little about it except that the pool liner was replaced last year, and we have replaced the pump and the sand filter. This summer we are enjoying it for the first

Yesterday, while my 16yo son was in the pool, stirring up some waves, I noticed for the first time a creaking noise that seems to be coming from one corner of the frame. I inspected the exterior for rust and damage and can see none in that area (only a small rust stain about 2 panels over underneath where the hose connects to the jet that shoots the filtered water into the pool--there must have been a small leak there at one time, but dry now). The pool is very sturdy and strong. No movement at all and appears to be in great shape otherwise.

Should this slight creaking be a concern?

Nervous first-time pool owner

Hi Rita

My guess is a loose top rail screw in that area. Not a big thing but it is easy to remove the decorative caps and inspect the top rails.

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Hayward Pump and Sand Filter

by Mishon

We purchased a new (to us) previously owned 24 ft. round pool, that came with an older Hayward model S48K2A2 Powerflo pump and S-160T high rate sand filter, and no manuals. I have not had that much experience with permanent above ground pools, only temporary pools. With those when the pool is in use the directions have said to have the pump/filter turned off.

I am wondering if this too is the case for these big filter/pump systems? Safety is a concern for all who will use this pool, and is there anything else we should be checking on the pump/filter before using it?

We have not yet set up the pool, and I also have general questions to set up, such as when we purchase a new liner and coping strips, is there other general items we should also be replacing?

Thank you for such a great site! PS. Is there a way to get manuals for our pump and filter system?

Hi Mishon.

You might try the Hayward website for the manual. The items that usually need to be replaced would be the coping, liner, skimmer and return gaskets and possibly the return itself. Sometimes filter hoses need replaced also.

The pump should be plugged into a dedicated GFI outlet. This outlet would service the pump and maybe a light. The GFI is ample protection against electrical shock. The only reason you would have to not run the filter while the pool is in use would be if all of the splashing and waves caused the skimmer to empty of water and air to be drawn into the filter system. Under normal swimming conditions running the filter is fine.

With a sand filter I would suggest changing the sand in the tank prior to using it. When the pool is full, and the system ready to use, back flush the filter before running it in the filter position. This shoots the fine particles of dust out the back flush and not into the pool.

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Kids Getting Toe Blisters In Pool

What would be causing blisters on our kids feet from the pool. The blisters seem to be very painful and often bleed when children get out. The blisters, or open soars, they are getting are on the tips of their toes.

Can you please help me solve this? kids are becoming afraid to swim in our pool and parents are becoming reluctant of letting their kids swim here. Please help. Thank-you.


Hi Heidi.

I have experienced this myself so I know how painful it can be. Long ago Doughboy sold a liner, just for a couple of years thankfully, that had a pattern so rough that it would cause your toes to bleed if you spent much time in the pool.

Installing that same liner on a cold day would require so much pulling to get it to stretch my fingers would bleed before the job was done.

Rough liners can easily cause blisters, especially the way kids play. While it is doubtful you have a rough pattern on your liner you probably have another issue that is causing the problem.

A liner set on rough sand could do it. A liner set on sand that is not smooth could do it, if is nothing but footprints, lumps and bumps. Chlorine stains in the bottom of a pool cause the liner to wrinkle, giving it the texture that could cause pain to the feet.

I would spend some time in the pool to determine where the rough spots are and then see if there is a way to fix them.

This might mean replacing the liner before the next swimming season. But that would be better than going through another summer of bloody feet.

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