Above Ground Pool Manufacturer

by Cheryl
(Sunshine Stae )

Side of 16 x32  AGP

Side of 16 x32 AGP

Hello there, I have recently bought a used 16' x 32' above ground pool. As we were taking it down we noticed the radius part of the pool was all rusted really bad. Not even salvageable.

So we thought no problem, someone somewhere sells these parts. NOPE,not that I can find and I have looked for 5 days. I do not know what company made this pool and I have been from California to Canada (on the internet) searching for the parts and maker. I sure hope you can help us out. Thanks a bunch ,Cheryl

Hi Cheryl

A 16' x 32' is a Doughboy or Lomart size so it is probably a Doughboy. If that is the case all the bottom rails will be stamped on the inside of the arc. The ends will be stamped 16, the sides will have an S on them and the four corners will have a TR.

The bottom rails are the one part that are the same regardless of pool model so you should be able to order them from any Doughboy dealer.

Another way to tell if it is a Doughboy pool is to look inside the wall and see how it is connected. A Doughboy 16' x 32' pool will have two separate wall panels. They will usually be connected with a metal bar. If that big roll consists of two separate walls then it's a Doughboy.

This page talks more about above ground pool manufactures.

Above Ground Pool Manufactures

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Help Identify Pool

by Andrea

Home and Roam Pool

Home and Roam Pool

Your site has so much useful information. Thank You. We just bought this used pool and were told by the owner who bought it with the house that it was a Doughboy, a local pool dealer says this is not a Doughboy based on the way the wall is joined.

Can you identify it for me? I need to get a new bottom track. The previous owner said it is 18'x33', I am kicking myself for not measuring the pool myself before taking it down.

Thanks, Andrea

Hi Andrea

The pool is not a Doughboy, it is a Home and Roam, and a very old one. This pool has been out of production for a long time. Getting replacement parts is probably impossible.

Your best bet would be to take one of your existing rails to a metal fabrication shop and have one made for you.

You could also take it around to different pool shops in hopes of finding one that is a close enough match. The most important parts to look for are the length and the arc. The length can be cut down but not added to, so too long is OK. The arc needs to be very close.

The width is not critical as modifications can be done in the footplate to hold it in place.

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Oct 04, 2011
Thank You
by: Andrea

Thanks! What can you tell me about these pools? It appears to be in very good shape. No rust on wall except for around skimmer, which I hear is normal. No rust on uprights or toprails, only rust is in track and straps, which we plan to make. We paid $200 for it with a 2 year old filter and new pump. Now we just have to see if we can get it put back together.

Hi Andrea

It sounds like you got a good deal. That was a very high end pool at the time. It was well constructed and held up well over the years.

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Pool Brand

We have a pool that has the date on the sticker of the wall with dots stamped on the month,day,year. It was made June 15, 2006.

It is an oval, 16' x 32' with wall height of 52". It has a separate skimmer wall that is a different medal than the rest of the pool wall so it will have 2 seams and the skimmer wall has no pattern on it. Also, the bottom rails are resin.

I contacted the local pool stores and they said they have never heard of a pool with the sides like that and they said don't bother setting it up because the walls will blow out.

So my question is who makes this type of pool and with the wall being constructed this way will it effect the pool strength? I don't believe it is a replacement wall since the pool is only 6 years old and none of the other metal parts have rust and also the cuts are all perfectly straight.


They call that a stainless steel service panel. Above ground pools will, more often than not, rust around the skimmer and return area at some point. These service panels were made to prevent this.

There is absolutely no reason that would affect the integrity of the wall. It improves it if anything.

The only manufactures of that size pool would be either Doughboy or Lomart. It is an odd size as most ovals are 15' x 30'. There might be someone else making that size, but I doubt it.

I would be looking for retail stores selling those brands and see if you can match up a model based on your rails and uprights.

But on the other hand, I have never seen a Doughboy or a Lomart with a service panel, so there might be someone else out there making that size.

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Oct 02, 2017
Would you happen to know this Doughboy model
by: Anonymous

It is a 16 by 32 oval shape Doughboy pool. And I was trying to find out what model it is and if you might know anything about it.

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