Oval Pool Deep End

by Jeff Smidt
(Grand Island)

We are installing an 18'x33' above ground pool with a deep end and we are wondering if we can use the regular patio block installation or if we need to pour concrete.

We have heard to do it two different ways. Thanks for your help Jeff

Hi Jeff. Regular patio blocks on the braces of oval pools are only used when you have straps connecting the braces from side to side. These straps lie under the sand base and connect the braces from side to side. They keep the wall from pushing out. They also prevent you from digging a deep area.

Most oval pools are set up this way and are meant to be uniform depth pools. Almost all Doughboy models have independent braces so that deep ends can be installed in them. Under the backs of these braces are 8 x 8 x 16 building blocks. These blocks prevent the pool from pushing out and they also prevent the buttresses from pushing out at the top. Concrete can be added to this type of set up but I never have, not in the hard packed Arizona soil. Many other soil conditions would require the addition of concrete to hold everything in place.

Doughboy oval brace system

Some strap ovals have conversion instructions for digging deep ends, if so, they should be followed. These instructions might require the use of concrete. The support under the backs of braces that are not connected by straps is extremely important. Everything must be level, square with the other braces, and rock hard solid.

I drew a simply diagram showing how I convert strap pools to pools allowing deep ends. It is shown on this page. Above Ground Pool Directions

Also on that page is a photo of a Doughboy brace system with the block installed. Adding the second block behind the first block can usually be done instead of pouring concrete. Either way is fine.

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Expandable Liner Installation

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