Doughboy Oval Pool Installation

I bought a used 16x32 Doughboy that has a deep end and I need to know how to take it down and put it back up.


That question would take a book to answer. I have started it and what's there might be of some help.

Above Ground Pool E-Book

Taking the pool apart is fairly straightforward, all except the bars that hold the walls together. Reinstalling the pool will be so much easier if these are taken off properly. This page would help.

Move an Above Ground Pool

You might save some headache by reading this page. There are some pool installation mistakes that are easy to avoid if you know about them ahead of time.

Above Ground Pool Installation Mistakes

Be sure to go over the liner installation pages before installing it. Doughboy pools were meant to have their liners stretched in a certain way. Getting this part right will make a lot of difference in how well the overall installation turns out.

Expandable Liner Installation

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

used Doughboy 16 x 32 pool

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"Influence" Dogbone/peanut Shape

by Pat

Hi Dennis! In previous posts(JUNE)3 people had problems with Aqualeader pool being shaped like a dogbone or peanut. We are currently in the process of installing an Influence oval 30x15 and having similar problem.

It seems to be a manufacture problem because if you follow the manual and use parts provided, you can't get a straight side. I was wondering how previous posters resolved their problem. Their installers probably followed manufacturer instructions with parts provided.

I Tried to get in touch with Aqualeader....but no success. My husband mentioned that the first piece going into curve should have straight tangents(top seat). Have any suggestions? Do you know how other posters resolved issue?

Thanks! Pat

Hi Pat

I can't speak specifically about that pool, only about oval pools in general. The majority have curved bottom rails going into the ends of the buttresses. Most of these are called transition rails are a different size than the end rails.

Some oval pools start a circle directly off the end buttress, but most remain straight for one more rail.

If you are sure all the bottom rails are in the right place I would continue to build the pool. I always build an oval pool complete without a liner. If the ends bow out but the top rails want to go straight that might be a problem.

The most important thing is that all four corners are the same. If they start to curve in, that's fine as long as the top rails fit and all four corners are the same. If they are straight, they should all four be straight. If they bow out, that's not a problem if the corners are the same and the top rails all fit.

If you cannot make it work with the parts provided you really do need to talk with the company you bought the pool from, or the pool manufacturer.

I've seen some oval pools with four or five different size top rails, now that really gets fun, going around the pool measuring every top rail and figuring out where it goes. Same with bottom rails, measure them all. But that's the good thing about building the pool dry, you can make mistakes without ruining an expensive liner. You never take the liner out of the box until you know everything fits the way it should.

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Replace Doughboy Pool

by Doughboy Owner

We currently have a 16' x 32' oval Doughboy above ground pool with wood decking around 3 sides that is at least 15 years old and the pool has a deep end with an expandable (overlap) liner.

To refresh the pool, we would like to replace the (leaking) liner, (cracked) liner caps and (bent) rail caps.

Would this be possible and, if so, how could we order these replacement parts and at what approximate cost?

Also, would it be less expensive to replace the pool with the same size/shape pool than the initial purchase/installation since we would imagine no excavation would be necessary? One more thing, how costly is it to have the Doughboy AG Pool installed in-ground?


The liner and coping for this size pool could be purchased just about anywhere. I do feel, however, your best option would be to use Doughboy brand products. The Doughboy liners are better than anything else on the market and well worth the extra cost. The liner, coping and all other parts could be ordered from any store that sell the Doughboy brand.

installing Doughboy liner in oval pool

The links below will show you the proper way to install a liner with a deep end, and that may mean removing some or all of your deck. The liner must be able to hang over the pool and be stretched into place.

If your pool is in decent shape you are better off putting a little money into it and fixing it up. The labor costs to work on oval pools is a lot more than round ones because they are much more complicated.

Just using ballpark figures, the normal installation for a 16' x 32' pool is about a thousand dollars. That could easily double or triple if you wanted it in ground.

Expandable Liner Installation

Overlap Liners

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Sand Dollar II Doughboy Pool

by Carolyn

Is the Sand Dollar II pool by Doughboy compatible to our older 12 x 24 Doughboy pool with the 4" top rails? Will the Sand Dollar match up to the posts that we have existing so we don't have to dig it all up?

We have an enclosed deck around this existing pool so very hard to dig up. We need to replace everything else. I think our pool is called the Timberline from Doughboy? The pool is probably 15 years + old.

Hi Carolyn.

Sand Dollar above ground pool

The Timberline Doughboy pool should have the exact same uprights as the Sand Dollar II. Some years ago Doughboy combined their four inch pool and their six inch model and came up with a Sand Dollar. It uses the 4 inch uprights and the six inch top rails. The uprights are the exact same thing as their older Timberline model.

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Oval Pool With No Side Bottom Rails

by Jay
(Uniontown, Pa (USA))

How do you assemble a 15 x 30 pool that has plates instead of bottom rails on the sides. Where does the pool wall bottom sit with respect to the plates and pool uprights??

Hi Jay

You don't see too many of these anymore, pools with no bottom rails on the sides. Wards sold an oval pool like that many years ago.

They don't assemble any different than if you had bottom rails. The wall lays flat against the pressure plate and is held in place by your sand birm.

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