Pool Fence and Alarm

by Sandy

We had an above ground pool installed last year. Our two children are very young and we felt an above ground was safer than an in ground. In a few years, when the kids are good swimmers, we can sell the pool and get the in ground.

We installed the pool in a corner of the yard that was already fenced. It was then easy and inexpensive to fence the pool off with chain link. My husband and his buddies did it over a weekend. It has a gate that we keep a lock on.

Just to make sure we had done everything we could to make our pool safe we bought a pool alarm. It sounds off an alarm in the house if anyone gets into the pool. It really works.

Sure it cost us a little time and money but we can at least let our children play in the yard without being nervous wrecks.

You will not be reading about my kids on these pages.


Hi Sandy You are so right, with a pool fence and an alarm we will not be reading about your kids on this site.

Above Ground Pool Safety Fence

Above Ground Pool Alarm

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