Pool Floor Pads

by Mishon

We are about to purchase a 27' Mighty Sun brand above ground pool, after looking through pages and pages of pool information (and finding your site- thank goodness!) I am wondering about pool floor pads... what types of materials can be used for a pad?

When using a pad does a person need to put down a fine layer of sand under the base first, or if you are using a pad can you skip the sand? We do not have a local pool store, the closest is at least 60 miles away, (and of course there are the online sites) but I guess I am wondering is there something we can pick up locally to use as a pad (type of material) and of course with or without sand.. thanks for your help!

Hi Mishon.

Sand is my favorite base because it is usually readily available most anywhere at an affordable price and it is fairly quick and easy to use. Sand seems to be the most reasonably priced pool base also.

My next favorite pool base would be one inch Styrofoam. They can be bought in 4 x 8 sheets and used with plenty of duct tape they can make a great pool base. You would need sand under these sheets only if it were needed to make a nice, smooth base. The Styrofoam will compress under the weight of the water and conform to the ground below it. It is important that a good solid smooth base is used before the sheets are put into place. Preformed pool cove is also a good option to use when using the Styrofoam for a base. Install the foam all the way to the edge of the pool after the wall has been installed. The rough edges next to the wall can then be covered with the pool cove. A lot more tape is needed around the cove area if you choose not to use a cove. You do not want to take any chance of the liner slipping down and resting on or slipping under the bottom rails.

The foam can be picked up locally at a hardware store and the preformed cove can be purchased online.

Happy Bottom and Gorilla pads can also be purchased online but they are very thin. An extra smooth base is recommended before either of these methods work well. Every little stone or pebble will show threw once the pool is full of water.

Visit these pages to read more about pool floor pads.

Preformed Pool Cove

Gorilla Pad, Happy Bottom and Foam

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Aug 20, 2009
Styrofoam Pads
by: Anonymous

When I first bought my pool about 8 years ago I had it installed and they asked me if I wanted sand or foam bottom. I went with foam. The first couple of years was nice the bottom cleaned up very well and it was cushioned. After that the weight of the water flattened the foam and it contoured to the ground. Now there are little pockets where dirt settles and it's very hard.

I'm wondering if there's a product that keeps the bottom flat and cushioned.

Hi. The pads that are made for above ground pools are all pretty thin. They all require a very smooth base underneath them. You could try re-smoothing the sand under the foam, this usually helps.

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